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  1. Final bump. 325 shipped for ALL gundam and model kit stuff currently still available!
  2. All holds will be honored but last call before evilbay on the rest!
  3. Updated. Also since a few have asked: The g1 transformers are not for sale. These are my childhood toys. Yes, the bombshell is misb. It was a gift my grandparents forgot about years ago. The baseball is signed by Mike Trout when he played in the minors (really nice guy) and no, its not for sale either. Thanks for the interest though.
  4. Added close ups of painted kits due to requests. All kits painted with either spray cans or airbrush.
  5. Since i've been asked i will only consider trades for lego sets. Mainly star wars but will consider others
  6. Done. I can do better/more pics if needed of individual pieces. Sorry for the mess but im in the middle of a major move. My company is transferring me to europe lol.
  7. I'm going to be moving soon, on top of interests changing and would rather not haul this stuff around with me. I can upload pics or take upon request, and I'll note any condition issues or info best I can. My work schedule is pretty hectic, but I will respond as soon as possible. I'm on the SSL and have made a lot of deals on here. Prices in USD and do not include shipping. Bulk discounts available as I want to offload this stuff. Best offers considered as I'm not sure the value of some of it so if I'm asking to much for something please msg me. Thanks. Macross: Yamato YF-19 w/ fast
  8. Why would you need one? Id imagine a valk would just go to gerwalk to land.
  9. Kajnrig is a great seller. Highly recommend he be added to SSL.Everything arrived in 2 days, excellent packaging and in perfect order.
  10. Haven't posted on here in a long time but... Anyone play these? I'm addicted. If you do, put in your user name/corp/alliance. And if you're looking for corp or alliance lmk. My dust ID is the same as on here, so I'm easy to find just shoot me a dustmail.
  11. I quit collecting years ago, when the VF-1 2.0's began coming out. I sold off all my stuff except for what I loved. All I kept was a V2 1/60 VF-1S Roy, A VF-1S Hikaru 1/48 with strike packs, a 1/48 VF-1J stealth with packs, a 1/48 Low viz, 1/48 Max 1A which I keep in GBP, and a 1/60 YF-19. I did just buy a 2nd 19 here on the forums to display in battroid (since it's my favorite in both modes and was a good deal) and a renewal Ozma. That being said, since I quit and only recently started casually collecting, I don't feel that burn to get every release anymore. But yeah, prices are getting way
  12. See, to me that looks more like the chest piece hasn't been slid down all the way. I'm digging the new head as well though. I will concede I'm not crazy about the strike parts so far though.
  13. Not one to start trouble, but did it dawn on anyone that maybe Bandai have the 1S in that goofy pose to show off the leg articulation, especially in the ankles? Because by moving the hips in like that you're centering the weight, and maybe they're just trying to show the legs and ankles can easily hold it up while posed. There's a lot of debate on this about lineart, Yamato, etc. and some really good points. I for one am getting this, and not only because I like the design. I see people keep bringing up lineart, but ask yourselves this: At what point do we let go of 30 year old lineart, and e
  14. Those views are great. And after seeing them, I like the Bandai even more now. Granted, the nose may not match lineart, but it does fit with what they're trying to do. I think the thing looks really sleek overall. I give Hasegawa the credit for overall aesthetics though. Never noticed how chunky the Yamato looks until now.
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