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  1. I got a VF-4G, and now that I know it fits, if you don't want it, I do . I'm also looking for intake covers as I bought a used one that's missing them: if you're obsessed with perfect trans and don't use them, I will take them off your hands.
  2. Sorry if this was answered earlier, I couldn't quite find it on search. But does the VF-4A gunpod mount to the VF-4G?
  3. Hello there! Looking to buy reaction missiles and fast pack arm mounting brackets!
  4. Nuts I say! I was really hoping to see the YF-21 at tamashii nation if only to be encouraged that its coming soon. I'll hold out optimism that its getting a retool for the thicc fighter mode
  5. dur

    repair for my VF-19

    I will second the person who said its worth your time to drill and pin. I have repaired teeny tiny wrist joints on 1/25 Joy Toy figures using .020" brass rod where the figure was played with extensively and they have held up. Straight glue repairs, however, have failed for me even on static 10mm ish connections. If the joint is small, use a smaller drill and smaller pin. I prefer thin brass so that if there's misalignment in the holes the pin has a bit of give. You can also oversize the holes just a tiny bit and fill with a lower viscosity epoxy or superglue.
  6. Oh! This is fun! Arcadia VF-0A Arcadia VF-0S Arcadia VF-0D PF Arcadia VF-4G DX VF-25S w. Armor Pack DX VF-25A w. Super Pack Acadia 1/60 SSP Focker VF-1S DX VF-31A (wish it had armor and/or FP's....) DX VF-31S with ludicrous armor pack (I'm a sucker for it!) DX VF-171EX with armor pack
  7. This is a used Arcadia VF-0A I bought off of mandarake, but never took out of the box otherwise. It is complete with sticker sheet and manual. I'm also including some extra shapeways hips in case you need them, but I've never tried transforming so I wouldn't know. I'd rework this bird myself but I'm just out of time with other customization projects. It looked pretty pristine to me: see attached photos. I can take more pics on request. Price: $340 shipped
  8. Hi, please see my PM

  9. DERP: pressed quote button on wrong post and wasn't paying attention, LOL
  10. I'm a collector of B2Five's Acid Rain and Votoms stuff. It might not be line accurate, but B2Five toys are some of my favorite toys to play with: they're well built, very poseable, fun to transform (for the transforming ones), and they're just made really smart (integrated holding spots for extra weapons, etc.) . I'm really looking forward to these! They're not as photogenic, but if you ever played with starcom or MASK toys or exosquad as a kid, it totally brings back all those feels
  11. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thank you for the heads up! I ordered one! Now I just need Chuck's armor and cannon fodder's armor so I can put them and Arad together in one ridiculous display of CG gun dumpage
  12. @Rogueload Pleasure doing business! Glad you got your bird!
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