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  1. There's very little metal content in HiRM models so keep that in mind and they are essentially like any other Gundam model out there except it has a pre-built inner frame. The glossy armor parts are beautiful and all you need is a little bit of panel lining to make the details pop. These aren't toys so a light touch when posing is required. I love the look of them but I can't stand the lack of heft/durability. Steer clear of Wing Zero EW and Barbatos units since they have serious tolerance issues with armor popping off as mentioned above. The Gundam Wing Zero, Astrays, and God Gundam are great overall.
  2. I wouldn't say that's your first Fix Figuration as you do have Char's Zaku II after all. The RX-78-2 and Gundam Wing EW are also solid GFFMC figures so please don't write off the newer stuff to come out under that name but I do agree that anything Unicorn and prior is a bit on the weak side.
  3. I like that fact that he's holding the entire kit from its ankle without any issue. That is by FAR the weakest point in the official Metal Build Freedom that I own.
  4. I have a Seven Sword.. what am I looking at here that's incorrect/wrong? Is the face slightly off center? Is that it?
  5. Latest addition. Not that big a fan of Transformers, but I am a huge fan of high quality diecast robots.
  6. I think Mechwarrior is a good example here. Cool robot designs that are super rigid.
  7. Hmm. Not seeing the Crossbone in this image. Didn’t like it or is it somewhere else? If there was one more that I would recommend getting it would be the Amatsu Mina. Nothing wrong with the Blue or Red Astrays. They’re just getting re-issued soon.
  8. It's fine. Cleaning/dusting gets really tedious especially with large lego sets or anything that has sharp edges. I was curious if you had a better solution that minimized dusting via humidifier/air purifier/cleanroom environment that worked. Keeping things behind glass or some kind of display case isn't always possible. Even the act of cleaning can scratch my stuff which I don't like.
  9. I have to upvote any Spaceballs reference.
  10. Metal Builds aren’t nearly as difficult to get as Macross items. If it’s a tamashi web exclusive Use FromJapan. If it’s open to all then there’s a variety of places you could try: Japan sellers: Hobby Link Japan, AmiAmi, AnimeExport, Nippon-Yasan, Nin-Nin Game Hong Kong: DenDenHobby, GK Gubdam Kit US Websites: USAGundam, bigbadtoystore, chosenprime, Entertainment Earth, toy dojo
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