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  1. Yeah thanks guys. I didn’t know these existed. I’ve only seen the static doll type stands and had no idea these were actually a thing.
  2. I need a link to these 1/6 bendy poles you guys are talking about. Anything I can use to keep my stuff from face planting in an earthquake would be great.
  3. Not official but this was a pretty convincing hint that @valhary noticed. So maybe VF4G weather PF followed by VT-1 seems to make the most sense. That is if Arcadia survives the SV-51 leg issue and there are no further issues with the VF-0D Weathered PF. Ironically the original VF-0D had a much more serious leg issue. ... I wonder when they'll start calling these problems a 'feature'
  4. I thought a PF VF-4G Weathered version was next and a VT-1 Super Ostrich was teased every so slightly. Right?
  5. Well let's all agree on the primary issue we all have here: The 5 second or less window to purchase at MSRP and the 200%+ markup immediately after. If any Macross toy took a month to sell out and the price rose steadily from $200 to $500 in a month or two. Those that invested early on the piece would be pleased with their purchase while the rest of us purchasing late would tolerate the markup more as the new market value.
  6. Yes. Roughly $17 per week for the next 99 weeks. Issue 1 was only $2.50 or something like that. Not including shipping fees that will accrue.
  7. By being too expensive or too cheap? I thought they just flooded the market with variants and there just wasn’t enough interest in all of them.
  8. Mortal Kombat.. the first one. Not the sucky 2nd one.
  9. Honestly I heard it was small but I thought it would at least be as tall as a 1/60 VF-1 in Soldier mode. I’m not as familiar with Mospeda as I am with Macross. I just remember, as a child, that the Legioss toy was just as large as a VF-1. I’ll likely still keep my pre-order but I do feel that giant robots are supposed to be.. well.. giant. Know what I mean?
  10. Speaking of Legioss.. oof on that size. A DX 1/48 VF-1 in the same scale is almost twice as tall and less than an inch taller than an HMR.
  11. I just wish they would come out with an SDF-1 TV version in 1/3000 or above scale... I’d buy two minimum. Is that so much to ask?
  12. I dunno. They seem to release a Metal Build Exia variant every other week. It might be possible.
  13. For those still looking for an EVA-02 at a decent price and fast shipping. Amaz on.jp has them in stock. $251.19 shipped Link
  14. I bought it and dual funnels too. Not a fan of price gouging but I don’t want this line to be a flop either. I’d love to see more 1/60th scale gundams out there from any maker. Hopefully Bandai and other third party makers here the fans, realize that there’s a market here, and make adjustments/plans accordingly.
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