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  1. I'll probably just get one.. Now, if they ever release GFFMC Tri-Star DOMs, I'll probably get three to complete the team.
  2. Thanks guys.. I'll give it a shot. So far I've managed to transform mine once but I haven't figured out how to rotate this hip in order to move it to the back yet. So far the thigh piece seems to get in the way any direction I turn it. Does anyone have a link to a video or have screenshots on how that's done?
  3. Mine came in with a reversed hip joint just like my blue legioss. For those who need a refresher on how to fix, here it is. Page 248 of this very thread.
  4. How do you guys like it and how does it compare to the EX Gokin line? Is it the similar or not really? Edit: Those two are different Jeegs. One is made by King Arts but who makes the other?
  5. NOICE! Where did you order it from?
  6. For those looking for that new RX-78 Metal Build, this isn't too bad a price.. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Chogokin-Gundam-Factory-YOKOHAMA-RX-78F00/dp/B08R7H9PBF/ref=pd_sim_nf_21_4/356-1724105-7045023?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B08R7H9PBF&pd_rd_r=b0364eb5-b42a-4e46-81d9-734cb11e01c3&pd_rd_w=7fY0b&pd_rd_wg=SzORu&pf_rd_p=b0cf8133-9125-47c7-be1e-724ce72acb46&pf_rd_r=921MS0EXG0G6NCY4XYG5&psc=1&refRID=921MS0EXG0G6NCY4XYG5
  7. They're on holiday. You'll have to wait until they return.
  8. I take no credit for that. That was what @enphily posted!
  9. Can you see this?
  10. Can this gif be put in one of those algorithms that make it 30-60fps?
  11. I LOL'd so hard at this image. So glad to see you enjoying your toys the way you do.
  12. Damn.. I had two on pre-order at Amazon.jp but I didn't trust they could get it to my door without thrashing the packaging. I now regret that decision. Congrats
  13. This is my first YF-29 and I have no idea how that crotch part locks. The only way I could make this part secure was to install the battroid stand adaptor which gives it something to latch onto.
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