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  1. I ordered one as well. I have no idea at this point and who knows when and if they can ship at all. I ordered a Kamper that's been sitting in 'Waiting to ship' for over a week now.
  2. Try HLJ https://www.hlj.com/search/go?af=selectseries%3amacross selectmanufacturer%3ahachettecollectionsjapan&lbc=hobbylink&method=and&p=Q&ts=custom&uid=443533447&w=vf-1&isort=title
  3. It would be an insta-buy for me for a 1/2000+ SDF-1. I would prefer a TV one over a DYRL but I don't think I could say no to either. Recession/Coronavirus be damned. I would hope that it's durable enough to transform like the Arcadia/Yamato one. Motorized would be cool but I would settle for lighting gimmicks. Someone please let Hachette know there's a market for this!
  4. I don't like how it's super dense and that I have stuff in boxes that I can't display because I don't know where to put it. I want everything out to look at and enjoy but I can't make myself put anything away to add some focus and class to it.
  5. So I asked everyone to share but I've been too ashamed to show my display. Here's my bedroom that I subject my wife to. Trying hard not to have it creep into the living room but I think it's inevitable haha.
  6. Yes. Not trying to be a jerk Just accepting my life how I see it. Oh and I forgot this was in the YF-21 thread so yeah.. that's an entirely new mold. I was actually talking about the VF-1 and VF-31 molds which I have multiples of because I NEED TO COLLECT ALL THE COLORS.
  7. Are you trolling right now? Macross collecting is all about getting the same mold re-released in the color variant and head style we want. And we gobble them up. We're practically printing money for Bandai with extra steps.
  8. Would a Tenso address work?
  9. The Kairos is a beautiful color scheme though. If I ordered this and my order got cancelled due to scarce supply I don’t think I’d lose any sleep over it.
  10. I love these displays! Good Job! I've been looking at mine but it's soo full it's a bit embarrassing. Everything in it 'Sparks Joy' and I can get rid of anything. I need more display space. And another room.. probably a bigger house..
  11. I bought 5 missile sets from them and they pulled through without issue.
  12. Are they legit? I've never heard of them before..
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