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  1. I’m not convinced. I think you need to take pics of the vf-1 in battroid mode standing next to the Patlabor. Front. Back. Side pics. Maybe just remove the VF-1 entirely and show more pics of the patlabor and I might change my mind.
  2. Your builds are great as usual. I'm especially impressed with you painted pilot figures. Fantastic!
  3. I missed out on a 1/12 scale RX-78 Gundam because I thought the price was too high. It was for me then but not now. I don't want to have that same regret on this. I do hope Bandai or Arcadia does make a proper TV style SDF-1 in the future but until then... this is it.
  4. Only 800 will be made in the world too. FYI
  5. Not Arcadia.. But I'll be getting one of these.. 1/1200 scale. After seeing it reviewed I couldn't pass it up.
  6. I'll probably try this on my duplicates Max 1A. I wonder if he straight up used that tamiya panel wash which I have or that water based one which has been recommended here but I can't seem to find any stateside. (I forgot the name)
  7. Agreed. I think Bandai has reached my price gouging limit. Other than the gun barrel there is nothing there to justify the price.
  8. @carlsylarHey where do you get your information from? I missed out on Char's Zaku I Metal Fix Figuration that was released recently because I usually just look for info here since you and many other share so much information.
  9. I LOVE seeing images like this! They're always so fun to look at and show off the pose-ability of a toy better than any hero or action stance could.
  10. That makes it worse. Childhood ruined. RUINED!
  11. Yeah.... I really needed that image burned into my brain... I don't think I'll ever be able to look at this meme the same way again. Thanks..
  12. Interesting. So I guess the show ‘Shameless’ could be a modern interpretation?
  13. You're a brave soul to put that much weight on a yeti stand. I might just be camera angle but I think that long yeti arm might be bending as the nosecone of that VF is pointing up at a higher angle than the kaki.
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