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  1. Macross Elint Seeker

    I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion, as there is nothing in what I said that precludes the existence of two facilities before or after 2010. I think you made the assumption that, if I were pointing that there is no implication that there are more than one after 2010, I had written in stone that there was only one. Sorry, no. My only assumption is that Bodolza fleet made a good job wasting whatever station *or* stations were at Earth-Moon Lagrangian point 5, basing such assumption in millions of years of Zentraedi military experience and the fact that they indeed destroyed at least *one*, also damaging but not destroying its ARMD escort and wasting some of her VF-1 wing. Of course, mistakes do happen. But you in turn seem to be making the assumption that such mistake did indeed happen, because you seem unable to accept the possibility of replacing a manufacturing base in the lapse of a year. OK. Maybe not.
  2. Macross Elint Seeker

    I didn't came to that conclusion: L-5 base, a lab, was destroyed, as per VFMF Space Wings. It is *its* conclusion, black over white. As L-5 is a Lagrangian point, whether it is the one in the Sun-Earth system or the Earth-Moon system (and it appears it is this last one), whatever is placed next in that area becomes L-5 station. And a Zentraedi Factory Satellite placed in L-5 is certainly a very large L-5 Industrial Station, whatever the name you put on it, very much alive and kicking as by any account had not to endure Bodolza fleet. Unless you mean that in February 2010, Bodolza fleet destroyed the L-5 Labs but spared the necessarily pretty near L-5 Factories. Maybe. Highly unlikely, but maybe. Choose your favorite L-5:
  3. No, it isn't. Whatever a VF mounts, a warship can mount in a bigger and badder version. The problem is technology seemingly advancing too fast to catch up and build new warships and retire old ones fast enough. Or is it? Macross-Quarter, Half-A-Macross... I miss a One-Eigth-A-Macross in there, or even a Golg-Gant-Charts or Quell-Quallie micron equivalent. A VF the size of a VB-6 but capable of folding, with two or more beam turrets with the punch of beam grenades and 4-5th generation acceleration. A frigate with a buster cannon and Quarter-class mobility. A light carrier with even bigger and badder ISC to protect its crew against insane defensive maneuvers, or assault shuttlepod to launch from big carriers and deploy a dozen VFs or thrice the QFs. Something that is more survivable than the target rich environment of legacy frigates, destroyers and carriers with G acceleration in the single digit class. Something that will make a full battlegroup able to do 30G maneuvers, like this one. Because if you have shorter range weapons but greater acceleration, you can hope to evade enough to close to weapon range and nuke them. If you don't have acceleration but have longer range weapons, you can pray to reduce your enemy to atoms before it is close enough. But if you have shorter range weapons and lesser acceleration, you are royally screwed, as you would be hit from long range and will never be able to close distances. Some of Walkure equipment uses fold quartz: the Siegfrieds. I have not played Macross 30, but I was under the impression that while Basara didn't use fold quartz, maybe not even fold carbon, the point was moot, because YF-30 Chronos did. Chronos amplified Basara's song. What is valid for Basara, is valid for Walkure. Maybe theirs is legacy equipment, used when escorted by Kairos only, in the beginning. Maybe not.
  4. Although VF-31A Kairos were shown as used in the beginnings of Walkure, it is no longer associated with them.
  5. Macross Elint Seeker

    A fighter based AEW has its usefulness, as checking the other side of a planet or moon for ambushes. I didn't say it is worthless. I just said its usefulness is limited if a ship radar is present when there is no nebula or other interference, and those are scarce within the Sun system (although Saturn rings were depicted as dense, those are not). The same book cites the exact manufacturing plant there, later, but as L-5 being only the location, it could meant that such production facility was put where the lab was before. Just ended reading both Space and Stratosphere Wings. Apollo Base, on the Moon, survived, even the ARMD that was defendind L-5 base. The L-5 base itself, apparently did not survive February of 2010. I weren't doubting you. I was in fact somewhat asking if that Satellite acquisition and operation was described somewhere else as canon and if VFMF was thus in contradiction, as one is advised to take into account.
  6. Macross Elint Seeker

    You are welcome... to madness. A thing I remember about SDFM ES-11D deployment is that it was made after SDF-1 sensor cluster was destroyed in an attack. Mind you, limited fighter range in space limits usability, as ship mounted giant antennas would still have a longer reach: smaller seafaring vessels have other restrictions, like atmosphere dissipation or Earth horizon, that spacefaring vessels do not. Without fold boosters or in presence of such huge vessels sensor arrays, tiny AWACS don't even make sense. VFMF VF-1 Space Wings #85 cites the facility as destroyed during Op. Trapeze. I suppose this is one of those cases where a VFMF contradicts canon.
  7. Agreed. But didn't put 'fold emerald', nor 'fold magnet'. Maybe just heard 'fold carbon' somewhere and simply liked the sound of it. Maybe it was written on purpose. So much maybes to discuss further if we would only know for certain in the uncertain future.
  8. True. It only appears to coincide conveniently, in place, color and function. True... but wrong. It clearly made sense to classify it as special equipment for whomever wrote that. It clearly makes no sense in the way you are interpreting it to mean. As the person who wrote that should be aware of the same fact, whatever she/he intended was meant to be something else, or would have not bothered to classify it as 'special'. Mind you, however ubiquitous it is, this may be the first time it is seen externally mounted and in a large chunk. In a fighter, at the very least. There must be a reason for that. Granted: if, and only if, it is talking about those grey whateverthoseare in the chest plate.
  9. From another thread, where it happened not to be so short a question, maybe neither too newbie. As reading Sketchley's translations, I noticed that the wings root 'coal crystals' of the VF-31A are fold carbon instead of fold quartz. As those fold quartz are associated with engine performance in the Siegfrieds, I wonder what it means for the Kairos to have those instead. It probably has nothing to do with integral fold boosters, as we never saw VF-31s of any kind folding on its own, even when it would have meant an obvious advantage. Fold quartz in other craft seem associated to a 30% overboost. Could these fold carbon crystals (*) be associated with that 15% overboost figure? (*) As far as I have reed, fold carbons are crystalline in nature, existing in both real and fold space and *not* ever considered as 'fold diamonds'.
  10. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Thanks, corrected my improper addressing. Beg your pardon for that. I remember something about Walkure attires using fold carbon as well. Now THAT is getting weird.
  11. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Sorry, I forgot: what are fold carbon rocks about? I was reading Sketchley's translations and noticed that the wing root of the VF-31A, while not having fold quartz, are that coal color because those have fold carbon instead. A cheap, less efficient alternative? That would certainly put those a notch above VF-25s.
  12. Macross Elint Seeker

    Of course I do! Where is the fun if not? I am even doing a fanfic on the whole thing. I don't miss however that while DYRL? is confirmed fiction within fiction, SDFM is only strongly suggested. Your explanation about Zero makes a lot of sense and I like it as is, but still there was another explanation I didn't take into account: Macross Zero being done, in-universe, way after the events. It would have clarified things if in 'Legend of Zero' Macross-F episode, the actors actually looked as Shin and Sara while being addressed by their actual actor names, and Ranka sporting a fake tan and a Mao haircut and coloring. That would have meant Zero OVA is the film production made in Frontier, and Zero cockpit being actually the VF-25 one, with a redress. However, there is no limit to the number of remakes: in M-7, Mylene and Basara were doing a remake of DYRL?.. There is however the issue of real Hikaru appearing in Macross 30 as in DYRL?
  13. Macross Elint Seeker

    It just occurred to me that while SDFM series drama seems most accurate about events than DYRL?, as a lot of UNSpacy mishaps and bad judgements are not censored out, it could be the opposite regarding equipment. When you take Zero into account, cockpit controls actually go retro for the VF-1 block 1-5. Actual military specs are irrelevant to cover SDFM story, so Gloval may have permitted or even endorsed filming all events without obscurities or cover-ups, but may have not been so inclined to show actual hardware technology. He may have leased pre-production (*) crafts found stored somewhere and garments for the series, to not divert still in use assets, to avoid technology leaks or both. That would explain why Hikaru appears in 30 as in DYRL?. That also means that while events are near what SDFM depicts, hardware used could well have included VT-1 and VE-1, and even not a single VF-1G VEFR (*) Or VF-1 blocks 1-5 are real production birds, but deployed to some ARMDs, GC 1-6 as reserve/last line of defense, while Macross SDF-1 received the best for inauguration, block 6 onward. [Edit]: But that would again contradict VFMF Squadrons that, at this point, could have made a mess even worse instead of making sense of it. Maybe is Zero events serialization what is at fault about too modern cockpit controls. Man, is this frustrating.