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  1. Greetings to all. I am nathans82 and have been member of the forums for a long time (2004). I live in Bonaire, GA. I've been watching Macross since I was 3 and have been hooked since then. Can't wait to see how the future goes. Thanks, Nate
  2. nathans82

    Megahouse TV Ver. SDF-1

    Anyone want to get rid of theirs?
  3. Hi Everyone, I live in Santa Maria, CA and have been a fan since 1985. I grew up with Macross & Dragon ball, and just recently (thanks to MW Sellers) was able to get my Macross DVD Collection back after selling it over a decade ago. My favorite Macross Series was the Original Series, but loved how Zero was redone. I haven't watched Frontier yet, but it's on it's way to me. Thanks, Nate