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  1. Best Toy: Yamato: 1/60 VF-1S V2 with Super/Strike Parts Arcadia: VF-0S Bandai: DX VF-1J Favorite Toy: Yamato: VF-4G Arcadia: VF-19 Kai with Soundbooster Bandai: DX VF-1S with Super/Strike Parts & Missiles
  2. Got some Valk goodness in. DX Chogokin SV-262 Keith and Yamato 1/60 VF-1S Hikaru with Super & Strike Parts. I blame @Slave IV @borgified & others for getting me into Delta Valkyries, but they are are great birds!
  3. Payment would be needed at the time of ordering. Glad to help out @Alphahorizon
  4. You are very welcome. I like to give the best discounts I can, when I can, to my good folks.
  5. I was definitely trying to get one for my collection. I run a Toy Store and was unsure if Bluefin would get them for distribution to small retailers directly. But as soon as they said they could, I got some to help other people who might have missed out on it.
  6. I have 8 MB Freedom Gundam Concept 2 for order. All are prepaid and are only $245 shipped each.
  7. As long as they finish the squads, I'll keep buying them. Still want 1/48 scale VF-1J M&M, just don't know if want to buy the Yammie ones as a placeholder.
  8. Well looking at the way they have been coming out. We got the TV VF-1J Hikaru & VF-1A Max, then DYRL VF-1S Hikaru and VF-1A Hayao, I'm betting we get a TV Release next of either VF-1S Roy or VF-1A Hayao.
  9. I went with MyKombini and Okiniland this go round. Easiest DX Order ever.
  10. Very reliable and highly recommend, used them before for DX Chogokin and other stuff.
  11. It sure is, only Okiniland, MyKombini, Nin-Nin and BiginJapan have it up so far.
  12. Just got cartjacked at CD Japan. Still haven't got one yet. Good luck everyone and congrats to everyone that got one.
  13. Thanks man, got it in a raffle early. There are KOs of the Takara ones, but are nice to have since it includes Ratbat that only came with MP-13B Soundblaster earlier. I will say the joints are looser than the original Takara ones and the Piledrivers don't fit as well on Frenzy & Rumble. The Soundwave is nice as it has a cell shaded chest, and the red visor vs the yellow one.
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