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  1. Happy Holidays folks! Ordered my VF-1D through Anime Export, and did a backup through Lunar Park, just in case. Anyone on the fence about Lunar Park, they are great to deal with and have great shipping and customer service.
  2. After 4 months of waiting, I finally got my YF-29 Isamu with Super Parts via Japan EMS.
  3. I sleep through one night, and the DX TV Parts gets released, lol.
  4. Good night everyone, and congrats to everyone who got one, and don't give up if you didn't yet.
  5. https://www.kuramatoys.com/dx-chogokin-first-press-limited-edition-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special/
  6. I've ordered with Sugo on Metal Build and they've come through no problems.
  7. Got one a Nin-Nin, missed out on AJ, cartjacked at AmiAmi twice, and got a DX Voltes at NY. It's been a good night.
  8. Congrats @Slave IV I got cartjacked, and away we go for the night, lol.
  9. It's tonight!
  10. It hasn't went for sale yet, been stalking it for the last 3 days.
  11. Praying for you and your mom!
  12. Woohoo, 12 am on next Friday for PO madness again for me. If anyone has an extra PF VF-0D, please hit me up.
  13. That is the best option, have all the Tabs open, and be ready to go when it goes live. We always try to find the direct links to the item and share them here when we can.
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