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  1. @Rogueload Pleasure doing business! Glad you got your bird!
  2. Bump: pics finally posted: I sure don't know how to use t3h interw3bz!
  3. Hi there, I can't seem to find a good hi-res pic of this. Ideally, if you could put it next to a normal VF-25 gun mount, I'd appreciate it: i came into possession of a spare VF-25G rifle and want to convert one of my VF-25A's via 3D print but I'd like to know roughly where to start in terms of design.
  4. I keep forgetting to take pictures, so I'm posting this during the day partly to force myself to post pics tonight . Both fighters come with boxes and fixed pose hands (minus one for VF-31A no. 2 since it was used for the articulated right hand repair). VF-31A no. 1 Condition B First candidate, mildly used VF-31A displayed in fighter mode. I transformed it once to address the cockpit gap and to check for other damage. It was purchased used from YJA. There is some small discoloration at the front of the canards where they were damaged probably from someone who didn't know to pull them out before rotating when going to gerwalk. I have put them in 120F water and tried to gently rebend them to shape followed by some blended Copic marker to fade out the stress marks. Asking $425 shipped to CONUS OBO. Image showing canard damage: VF-31A no. 2 Condition C $OLD Second candidate, another used VF-31A that convinced me never to order from Surugaya ever again. It came to me missing the intake covers, the whole friggin articulated right hand, and one knife. It also came with very damaged canards, so I ended up trying to repair by gentle sanding similar to how you would work out a chip in a knife. This one has some paint scuffed off on the right shoulder that is visible in battroid mode. There's some unevenness in the matte finish under one wing typical of this valk. Also, the crotch plate metal connection bar appears to have been taken out at some point, for what purpose I have no idea- I have reinserted it, but it is alot easier to pull out now than a minty fresh valk- you can see the plastic worn slightly more than it should be (edges not as sharp) if you look at it in fighter mode. I purchased a VF-31J right hand, removed the white cover plate, and carefully sanded down the grey cover plate from one of the fixed posed hands to replace it along with puttying up the gaps using an orumayu mold (IMHO it is very hard to distinguish from the original hand now). $SOLD Showing off the fighter: Shoulder Scuff and canard damage: In terms of trades I'm open to offers, worst I can say is no. I'm a fan of, you guessed it, 1/60 macross.
  5. I'm guessing this one is a long shot... anyone have a vf-31 with armor or fastpack's permanently attached and don't need the intake covers?
  6. IMHO the VF-4 displays great next to the VF-0A and VF-31A as they all have realistic, military looking paint jobs.
  7. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Question for those of you who have had the armor on your VF-31S for a while... have you noticed any special fatigue? Particularly wondering about anyone brave enough to keep it in battroid mode
  8. I know the camera angle is contributing a lot to this, but I get the feeling that the fighter mode is a creepy creeper old man in a trench coat getting ready to flash me. It's just... the paneling looks like its trying to hide something instead of being very integrated, if that makes sense. Again, hoping its just the angle and/or transformation error/proto tolerances.
  9. I love it when my toys become obsolete because that means I got some better toys available! I'm also glad Bandai is still showing 1/60 love... I really don't want to have to deal with the newer gen bigger valks in 1/48. As long as its big enough for perfect transformation, perfect landing gear I'd like my valks as small as possible, TBH.
  10. Fighter mode is looking a lot better! I think we were seeing some small amount of spherical aberration on the first page photos making the rear end look even more inflated, though it does seem to have rear boosters sir mix-a-lot would love. Count me impressed that they were able to get that shape fighter simultaneously with the beefier battroid legs! I'm still hoping that through some miracle of engineering they can somehow tuck everything in just a teensy-tiny amount more (really hoping its attributable to transformation error and/or prototyping tolerances, as mentioned before). I'm looking forward to this- I'm hoping that this means Wright Immelman's VF-22 is also coming complete with Windmerean fat boy!
  11. This is another reminder that the YF-21/VF-22 has a metric crapton of anime magic built into the design. The fighter wings always look stubby, but the bigger they are, the more awkward the back kibble in battroid. The sleeker the nose area, the more lanky the battroid. IMHO Bandai favored fighter mode for the YF-19 design: I'm hoping that more shots of the '21 will reveal a perfect fighter mode at least (I'd rather have one solid fighter/odd battroid than 3 mediocre modes))
  12. Bumping for an update! I moved and this project got buried beneath a pile of boxes. I opened it up and realized I had stopped on cleaning up the weathering- good thing its waterbased, as all it took was a damp q-tip to do some clean up. I still need to paint a couple things but I'm nearing the finish line... only took a few years I'm going to try to transform it 10-ish more times to see if any problem areas pop up. I'm seriously losing steam though... thinking about just selling this thing to let someone else finish it. I bought this HMR specifically so I could learn how to paint/decal/weather before attempting my Arcadia/Bandai valks, but I kinda wish I'd just started with 1/60.
  13. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The armor looks pretty ridiculous in battroid mode, but that fighter mode looks awesome! I think I know what mode I'm displaying in (whenever it is I get to opening...) . Does the dual beam turret lock in any way? And can it fire forward in fighter mode?
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