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  1. I'm guessing this one is a long shot... anyone have a vf-31 with armor or fastpack's permanently attached and don't need the intake covers?
  2. IMHO the VF-4 displays great next to the VF-0A and VF-31A as they all have realistic, military looking paint jobs.
  3. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Question for those of you who have had the armor on your VF-31S for a while... have you noticed any special fatigue? Particularly wondering about anyone brave enough to keep it in battroid mode
  4. I know the camera angle is contributing a lot to this, but I get the feeling that the fighter mode is a creepy creeper old man in a trench coat getting ready to flash me. It's just... the paneling looks like its trying to hide something instead of being very integrated, if that makes sense. Again, hoping its just the angle and/or transformation error/proto tolerances.
  5. I love it when my toys become obsolete because that means I got some better toys available! I'm also glad Bandai is still showing 1/60 love... I really don't want to have to deal with the newer gen bigger valks in 1/48. As long as its big enough for perfect transformation, perfect landing gear I'd like my valks as small as possible, TBH.
  6. Fighter mode is looking a lot better! I think we were seeing some small amount of spherical aberration on the first page photos making the rear end look even more inflated, though it does seem to have rear boosters sir mix-a-lot would love. Count me impressed that they were able to get that shape fighter simultaneously with the beefier battroid legs! I'm still hoping that through some miracle of engineering they can somehow tuck everything in just a teensy-tiny amount more (really hoping its attributable to transformation error and/or prototyping tolerances, as mentioned before). I'm looking forward to this- I'm hoping that this means Wright Immelman's VF-22 is also coming complete with Windmerean fat boy!
  7. This is another reminder that the YF-21/VF-22 has a metric crapton of anime magic built into the design. The fighter wings always look stubby, but the bigger they are, the more awkward the back kibble in battroid. The sleeker the nose area, the more lanky the battroid. IMHO Bandai favored fighter mode for the YF-19 design: I'm hoping that more shots of the '21 will reveal a perfect fighter mode at least (I'd rather have one solid fighter/odd battroid than 3 mediocre modes))
  8. Bumping for an update! I moved and this project got buried beneath a pile of boxes. I opened it up and realized I had stopped on cleaning up the weathering- good thing its waterbased, as all it took was a damp q-tip to do some clean up. I still need to paint a couple things but I'm nearing the finish line... only took a few years I'm going to try to transform it 10-ish more times to see if any problem areas pop up. I'm seriously losing steam though... thinking about just selling this thing to let someone else finish it. I bought this HMR specifically so I could learn how to paint/decal/weather before attempting my Arcadia/Bandai valks, but I kinda wish I'd just started with 1/60.
  9. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The armor looks pretty ridiculous in battroid mode, but that fighter mode looks awesome! I think I know what mode I'm displaying in (whenever it is I get to opening...) . Does the dual beam turret lock in any way? And can it fire forward in fighter mode?
  10. Oh man, that looks FINE to borrow some of my 90's lingo. Given that these guys are about the same price on the aftermarket, it looks mighty tempting... but yeah, I don't know if this is worth 2 DX chogokins...
  11. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Dat fighter mode... does it lock up solid? I ordered from NY, can't wait to put it on my -31S (haven't even opened that valk... waiting for the armor )
  12. Mind sharing some details on your technique? Are gundam markers alcohol based?
  13. Just thought I'd chime in with some things I've learned from painting valks... -If you want the paint to stay on parts that rub, you pretty much HAVE to use some kind of epoxy resin paint. The valk in my profile pic is an HMR VF-1S I used to practice with: I used Duracoat firearm paint as the base coat and then used acrylics that were similar to finish (only because acrylics are easier to work with and duracoat takes 3 weeks to fully cure!). Which reminds me, I should really photograph my completed, decalled HMR VF-1S . The duracoat has been strong enough to stay on my Glock 19 slide coming into and out of my kydex holster under (simulated) stress so I don't think its coming off from a valk transformation any time soon! -I'm experimenting with using dispersion dye to change valk colors. This has worked great for me on my Acid Rain figures and transforming toys which I handle a lot- the dye gets IN to the plastic and has survived a whole lot (50+?) transformations on my '88 team Speeder mkII. The downside? It's really hard to mask, it's really hard to figure out what the final color tone will be and its a function of time and temperature. Also, at least for bandai valks, they like to use multiple types of plastic that dye at different rates (or some not at all without heat...). You also can only go darker, since it's a dye- (can't dye "up" to a lighter color!) -BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH THINNER! I was told mr. thinner was plastic safe, but I didn't realize it was actually causing embrittlement to the point where I started getting some cracks from just leaving my VF-0A in gerwalk. People who build static models don't really think about durability! Use isopropyl alchohol instead when you can, or Testor's Easy Lift Off, both of which I can confirm are genuinely valk safe.
  14. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    One can only hope that they'd do something incredible like make it alpha-02 or alpha-01 to boot. Collectors aren't mad since their exclusive is still exclusive, new people get a chance to own one of the greatest valks ever, and people that play with their toys (i.e. like me) can dual wield swoosh!
  15. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I think this should be designated the VF-31FU. For giving cap ships the FU! Now I need to find another set of reaction missiles to do this with mine
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