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  1. +1 for @Penguin sushiAll good things, comms, shipping, condition A+ seller Bought the Ghost/Weapons set for Luca V.1
  2. Looking for a reasonably priced GSC Tachikoma Gokin from 2008. I know a few people here got them back in the day, and members here usually have the least scalp-y aftermarket deals. Maybe I'll get lucky? Thanks Y'all!
  3. Duuuuuude. Good stuff! I wish I had the funds right now. Good luck ! I know the Eva units are HOT !!
  4. Big thanks to @Saviantfor the DX YF-19! Arrived today, in perfect shape, really fast too! The added padding for the head laser was a nice touch Woohoo!
  5. Got my VF-25 Luca Custom from Bolt today, fast, safe, and as described good things from him are nothing new, from what I understand, though
  6. Basically the best cartoon that never happened. I loved, and still love, my ALIENS figures. Check out the adverts from TV on YouTube because they're amazing! I wish I had gotten the micro machines from the movies, though. The dropship especially.
  7. Loving the stand, super classy. Haven't been able to take a great pic with the Valk yet, doesn't help that my camera is not working >.<. But here is a LEGO Batwing!
  8. slick_bricks


  9. The stand is in portland ... But I can't go get it from the post office sort facility tomorrow! Glorious tomorrow!
  10. Woohoo! Glorious fanmade wonderment! Still going to try and have everything shipped before next week.
  11. slick_bricks

    Toys for sale

    A collection that needs to be uncollected.
  12. Thanks for all the photos. It appears they sould be a similar size in fighter mode as well then.
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