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  1. Looking for a reasonably priced GSC Tachikoma Gokin from 2008. I know a few people here got them back in the day, and members here usually have the least scalp-y aftermarket deals. Maybe I'll get lucky? Thanks Y'all!
  2. Duuuuuude. Good stuff! I wish I had the funds right now. Good luck ! I know the Eva units are HOT !!
  3. Basically the best cartoon that never happened. I loved, and still love, my ALIENS figures. Check out the adverts from TV on YouTube because they're amazing! I wish I had gotten the micro machines from the movies, though. The dropship especially.
  4. Loving the stand, super classy. Haven't been able to take a great pic with the Valk yet, doesn't help that my camera is not working >.<. But here is a LEGO Batwing!
  5. slick_bricks


  6. The stand is in portland ... But I can't go get it from the post office sort facility tomorrow! Glorious tomorrow!
  7. Woohoo! Glorious fanmade wonderment! Still going to try and have everything shipped before next week.
  8. slick_bricks

    Toys for sale

    A collection that needs to be uncollected.
  9. Thanks for all the photos. It appears they sould be a similar size in fighter mode as well then.
  10. thanks so much by those numbers it wouldn't seem too tiny afterall, especially with accessory parts.
  11. cool, thanks. Always good to have references when thinking about burning money.
  12. What is a decent price for renewal ozma and the armor at this point? It doesn't seem like we're getting another chance at the armor set. Price gouging is so insane now. Any advice? EDIT: can someone post a photo of a vf25 next to a 1:48 vf-1 so that I can envision what they look like together? I would really appreciate it. I worry that the 1:48 I have will dwarf the new models too much.
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