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  1. +1 for @Penguin sushiAll good things, comms, shipping, condition A+ seller Bought the Ghost/Weapons set for Luca V.1
  2. Looking for a reasonably priced GSC Tachikoma Gokin from 2008. I know a few people here got them back in the day, and members here usually have the least scalp-y aftermarket deals. Maybe I'll get lucky? Thanks Y'all!
  3. Duuuuuude. Good stuff! I wish I had the funds right now. Good luck ! I know the Eva units are HOT !!
  4. @Penguin sushi I bought a luca from here recently, I don't regret it. No need for a V2 IMO, at least not at 4x the price enjoy!!
  5. @Penguin sushiJust FYI, it's all yours if you want it, I bought something else in the meantime
  6. Quick inquiry: were you gonna/did you already sell the Gundam Tank w/2barrels? Thanks!
  7. My bad, he said it's going to go up on eBay. I feel ya. Thanks
  8. Ohh... BGC... Those are nice... Following for pretty photos
  9. Well, that's good to hear. I can't afford one, so I guess it's Revoltech for me! Good luck with your sale! Hope you can get some cool Valks outta the deal!
  10. Curious about the RAH EVA... I've always been intrigued by these figures, and wondering how the rubbery parts and sleeves have aged, over time? It looks great, but the prices have gotten to be mindboggling. Thanks !
  11. Konig still available? Just searched forum for keyword, doesn't say it's sold. Just checking. Thinking I may want one ^.^
  12. Oh, That's great! They are def. meant for someone who wants lots to combine. I just like the design of the lil' ones ^.^
  13. Interested in pics.... Do love his markings..
  14. Whatcha want for the Diaclone Cosmo marines, gamma, type e, and 'nauts packs, respectively? Been curious about these, but they're kinda $$ for their size. Thanks!
  15. Big thanks to @Saviantfor the DX YF-19! Arrived today, in perfect shape, really fast too! The added padding for the head laser was a nice touch Woohoo!
  16. I feel you there (pre painted/tampo printed toys spoil us so badly). I'll poke around and see if I can find you a buyer or Better avenue to sell them. Evilbay might do you well, if you even listed them at 350/500 BIN price.
  17. Are the ones bundled together duplicates? Just curious. I don't think I'll be able to afford it, and would honestly probably end up too busy/gunshy to build em up properly(almost zero model painting experience, as well) . but I can alert some possibly interested parties about the deal, would be great for gunpla folks. Have you tried any groups for those enthusiasts yet?
  18. Groovy, thanks! I'll peruse a little later when I get back inside
  19. I might be interested, still, though... Could you get a clearer photo of the fronts of the kits? It's hard to make out a few. Also, I see the powered suit, but no F.a.G. dolls themselves, right?
  20. Awwww... Man.. That's so cool! I've dreamt of having that many to play around with, but don't have the coin right now, as I'm trying to get a DX YF-19 :/ what a great assortment!
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