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  1. I am thinking 3, because the Max VF-1S is probably not going to be produced due to its short screen time. *Puts on Flame Suit* But I wouldn't put it past Bandai to make it just make some extra money.
  2. @Lolicon, no schooling here. Your shots are coming out great!
  3. Oh sorry about that. Nothing special to it, I tied the knots and added a tiny drop of gorilla clear glue to hold the knot. I did use upholstery thread for more durability. Agreed!
  4. Small mod that made a big difference to me, strung the bow.
  5. Got Storm Shadow yesterday and did a quick mod.
  6. Kakizaki finally delivered.
  7. Thanks for the link! I do my best! @ErikElvis Did NY ship it via UPS?
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask who still has their VF-1 Strike Parts from NY waiting to be shipped?
  9. @borgified, haha! Sorry been offline from MWF recently, and taking a break from photographing. Funny you mentioned the forklift, I had reorganized some of my stuff just recently found where I had stored the forklifts. Not quite sure what to photograph, I'll figure out something or if anyone has requests I'll see what I can do for photos.
  10. I have ordered from them, I got my stuff. They are a bit slow when it comes to sending stuff out but you will get it.
  11. The Legioss looks really good, fighter mode is solid, Armo-Diver mode is fiddly and Soldier mode is a bit more fiddly.
  12. I am fairly happy with it, the proportions and details are nice, the transformation isn't as scary as the Ride Armors. I haven't run into any delicate pegs as the ones on the ride armors so it still feels a bit fragile. It is a little fiddly, where some joints are really tight and some are not, they are not deal breakers.
  13. LOL, yes Twins reference. Too bad the GBP isn't out for the VF-1 then it would truly be Arnold. Hahaha yes Thank you @sumyumgoy! So far its a nice figure, a little fiddly at times but nothing major yet. Thanks @Slave IV!
  14. VF-1J and his new buddy Danny Devito, I mean Legioss.
  15. The VF-1J and AFC-01H
  16. I haven’t had a chance to transform it, but I hope the Legioss is more sturdy than the Stick figure( See what I did there!? Lol). The arm and torso keep falling apart when adjusting the figure.
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