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  1. Good sale to jrhudson311! Stayed in contact and paid really, really quickly.
  2. Very disappointed. That's about all I can say. The show just never hit a stride, in my opinion. Plot points with no payoff or resolution? No real motivation behind Windmere's aggression? Corruption in NUNS? Lady M? Megaroad 1? Look, unless this is that Episode 1 Prequel kind of thing where we get pieces of an overall plot that may take time to come to fruition, then everyone that worked on this totally missed the boat with this show.
  3. A semblance of a coherent plot with some answers to threads established throughout the run. That might be asking too much of an animation though....
  4. I'm an ardent Macross fan and I have slogged through this show. It feels to me that the writing staff was changed mid show, or something. The lack of coherency in this plot, and honestly the lack of what makes it "Macross" has been pretty apparent. I just don't get the vibe I got from Frontier with this show. Ah well. Two more to go till its over.
  5. A version 2 of the VF25 Ozma edition. Although I am working on that one.
  6. we may have to talk. It'll be a bit though till I can get it. Saving for a WRX will do that to you.
  7. I managed to snag this one, mostly for the fighter mode. I saw on the leg that it says Seigfreid. It took me a moment to realize that that delta winged valk in the Delta anime might be this one. Man. I am so behind on the times. Best Valk pickup though.....
  8. This actually answered a question I posted in the sale area earlier. I was wondering why the costs were so high on the v2s. I'll just have to buckle up if I want to replace my v1 Ozma.
  9. Sorry but even I am getting really tired of the constant beat down of the NUNS forces. This is getting a bit beyond ridiculous now. This episode had Amuro Ray Gundam levels of stupidity in that final fight. I had to vote this one down. At this point I am watching because it is Macross, but this show has been a definitive negative to me.
  10. I have to concur on Mr. BBrain. Had a smooth transaction selling to him. Kept up communications.
  11. And I am saving for a WRX Impreza. Unless I find a good price, I think I am going to be waiting a while on this one. I just saw what the VF-4 went for. Holy Cow! I really have missed out over the last few years.
  12. I just saw the prices on these. Holy crap! I've been out of the loop for a few years. What the heck happened? Not sure if $400 is a good price on that plane!
  13. My God. That thing is beautiful.
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