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  1. Lost cause, file your PP dispute now. i got my refund over the weekend as well.
  2. HLJ looks like they are out
  3. Success at Ami!
  4. Kind of a shot in the dark, but looking to purchase some option parts for the 1/60 Valkyries if anyone is willing to let them go. Looking for 3 sets. 2 in the movie off grey color and 1 for tv white. looking specifically for the side/chest/armpit covers as well as the back of the neck. Don't really need the extending cockpit part. PM me if you have some you are willing to part with!
  5. mpau25

    Bandai DX VF-31

    took me a few minutes to get my confirmation email from HLJ
  6. received mine today as well from NY. super-impressed, transformation was a breeze except for the darn cockpit, just wouldn't budge until i found the sweet spot.
  7. Nice displays guys! It seems like Ikea is very popular with MacrossWorld collectors. hmmmm?
  8. I've got one on eBay right now and it's pretty cheap right now actually. Only at about $50 with no reserve. It's low becuase it's unfortunately missing one small part, but that might be your only way to get the SOP Yamato cheap. Anyways, much better than the 500+ buy it nows you see.
  9. Awesome work! I hope Yamato follows your lead and eventually releases a green one as well. The finish looks a little duller than the stock Yamato one, i LIKE!
  10. Daly City, California here. Right next to San Francisco for the people not fmailiar with the area.
  11. Opus is right, you kinda have to push them up too, so that they will go in flush. So while you're folding them in, when they're almist in, just started pushing them up, shouoldn't require too much force, but it may vary from valk to valk. I hada hard time pushing it up with the VF-1J miria, but my normal VF-1S had no problem at all!
  12. I think I'll pass on these two. I've already got the 1J mold and I don't need two more that are essentially the same valk. One mistake I made with the 1/60 line was that I got into the habit of just picking them up while they came out and I started not enjoying them as much. It became more of a habit, than truly enjoying the item. I'm just gonna limit myself to one of each mold now. If I was going to pick one up, it'd be the MIria though!
  13. mpau25

    custom 1/48 CF + FP

    Good lord, thats an awesome job! How long did it take you from start to finish?
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