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  1. Could it be possible that their system took in more orders than what was really allocated? Haven't seen any cancellations from other retailers. If anything, I'm surprised that some haven't even offered it up yet.
  2. Kinda doubt it at this time. Manufacturing is in China where they don't really care for such things. If anything, Bandai will just delay the release like what they already did with some items.
  3. We don't need you coming to their defense everytime somebody had a bad experience with them. Your positive experience doesn't trump other's negative experience or needs to be brought up everytime somebody tells theirs. As much as you think it's conspiracy theory that NY didn't know, it can be said the same for what you may think. Because, I don't have proof on what I may think and neither do you. I'm more interested in what pushed the customers from Europe to file a chargeback.
  4. I know I read here that they asked for payment before Arcadia officially announced the delay. Slick move. If that's the case, they should have used that money to pay for the POs of the 0D because if not, well, shame on them (as always). What would lead for the customers from Europe to file chargebacks? NY didn't offer an alternate shipping method? For me, a chargeback is the last option so it would seem these people were pushed to resort to it.
  5. Because it wasn't meant for retail sale. It's an exclusive available only through P-Bandai. They're not going to give wholesale pricing to retailers. It could be by phone number or they're just aware of Tenso's operation. I don't know. I also read that having a payment method that is funded locally is required. So even if you are able to circumvent the shipping address/ phone number issue, you still won't be able to get one. As for retailers having multiple accounts, I'd assume they're having their employees sign up for an individual account thus getting more access to units. P-Bandai is limiting 6 per account. That's a lot per account especially if you consider retailers limit one purchase per shipping address during high demand retail PO nights. I think sometimes P-Bandai limits the purchase to 3 per account though on certain items. Anyway, retailers (at this point resellers really) limit each person to 2 units for TWE. With proxies though, you can ask for the max number if they're able to do it. So, a few people using proxy service plus who knows how many they're ordering plus the limited accounts they have results to proxies meeting their cap very quick.
  6. Based on my non-existent translation capabilities, the lady being interviewed is highly anticipating to receive her DX Kaki order. Although, I'm not sure why the news keep showing clips of a hospital's corona virus testing center. Must have been a technical issue.
  7. Uuuuuuh... it's a countermeasure to prevent a single entity from buying a lot of the alloted units and either keeping it or scalping them. It's not because they don't want people outside of Japan to get them through proxies. The proxies have a work around on this as long as they have enough unique registered addresses to have TWE items shipped to. TWE may be made to order but they still have a cap on the total number that will be produced.
  8. Nice but weren't you also trying to get one during Japan PO night? You didn't need to if that's the case. Lol!
  9. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/mobile-suit-gundam-seed-freedom-gundam-concept-2-metal-build-action-figure/blfbas58058 They have it back up again.
  10. Who knows... EE had it slated for October. We'll see when everything goes back to normal.
  11. That one lasted maybe 4 hours. I'd say the other US retailers aren't behind in listing theirs so keep an eye on them tomorrow. I'm assuming BBTS might be next.
  12. US PO have started to pop up. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/mobile-suit-gundam-seed-freedom-gundam-concept-2-metal-build-action-figure/blfbas58058
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