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  1. What I'm surprised by is that p-bandai still has the TV supers available. At least that's a good sign that the stores will be able to fulfill the orders they recieved.
  2. They just replenished their stock by pre-ordering from HLJ.
  3. Retailers won't allow more than 1 order of this on PO night or release day. Anybody trying to circumvent that risks getting all their orders cancelled. That 20 thing is just a default setting for HLJ.
  4. When did CDJ reopen?
  5. I like it, I like it, I like it!
  6. I think the title of your inquiry should be whatever that is on the email plus "All hail SlaveIV!" Then, they will expedite your request as they now assume you know their CEO/owner Slave-yon sama. just ribbing on you SlaveIV as I tried real hard not to but couldn't resist it.
  7. That's what I've been researching in the past hour or so to see if those sketches were lifted from any of the Japanese source material. Edit: actually they are but I haven't seen the sketch with the central missile pod yet.
  8. Oh. I guess I can't consider it to be accurate then.
  9. Based on that, the central missile pod becomes the missiles on the forearms and not an extra missile pod on either shoulders. I think Sentinel's wings extend more to the back which helps cover most of the legs. If the other toys were to do the same, it will look close to Sentinel's giving the illusion of less of the legs showing.
  10. Was just rubbing it in sarcastically. As far as reading comprehension, he said overcame. Nothing implied beyond that. You assumed. The fast packs have been a topic for the the last few pages. It's just due diligence to read through the previous pages to update one's self. Not to further detract, fast packs are still available through some sellers but shipping might be questionable from them. At this point, I'd consider CDJapan's proxy service as they're reliable with getting things shipped to the buyer.
  11. What? Right at that moment? He got the TV VF-1S so clearly, he's been ok. Are YOU paying attention to this thread?
  12. Huh? Are you not paying attention to this thread? It's currently open for PO and is slated to be released this December.
  13. That or could be orders voided by CDJ from people that tried to double dip. CDJ and Amiami both have websites dedicated to Japan only and international only. I can imagine people trying to buy from both versions of their websites.
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