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  1. it all looks great ppl on my end i have way to many projects active at one time, so i need to, once in awhile finish some of them. long time ago i bought a Bandai PG 00 Raiser gundam. i never intended to build the Raiser part. since those parts make the kit way to heavy for any pose. anyway here are some of the first painted parts.
  2. nice build! where did you get these Zentraedi ships?
  3. its a 4WD. and yea my first RC car.. the paint job went well considering its also my first time painting something on the inside...
  4. looking forward to see what you come up with... are you gonna make some changes?
  5. update! made structural reinforcement! they where broken inside when i opened them up... former owner had tried to turn them the wrong way. deepened the main thruster.. removed ugly bar for bridge movement! starting to reshape the main gun.. and adding length!
  6. notice the micromissile launcher is open and you can see the missiles if you look closely
  7. any news on when the fighter mode will be released?
  8. made the alteration which allows the legs to spread out alittle.. Above: i removed to side fins that held up the metal arm then added a spring to keep the legs out in extended position when legs are not in extended possition they are straight again
  9. i resently aquired this 1/3000 SDF-1 Bandai toy without carriers from Ebay for a resonable price. i intent on renewing it and upgrade it its already in a pretty good condition.. so ill correct some of the shapes on the toy such as main gun size and lenght and shape. Bridge. and ofcause make two new carriers!
  10. not really... i did it to get access to the inside..
  11. progress on my Sivil statue next, touchups and highlights
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