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    Macross, obviously. In general, I'm a fan of mecha animes, but most definetly Super Robots top my favorites list. I'm also a gun enthusiasts, down at the range at least once a week. I enjoy hanging out with freinds too, and am currently enrolled in college as a criminal justice major.
  1. Whoa! Hazel Gundam is sweet! Can I get some back story on this 'Advance of Zeta?' Gundam Hazel looks like the missing link between the GUndam Mk II and Zeta Gundam.
  2. Hey, Max, I used to watch kids play the arcade one when i worked at an arcade (closed down yesterday ). Sometimes if they were towards the end and ran out of credits, I'd give them free ones . Though I never joined in. Though quite a few times I've gone over and had to teach them how to play the game. You'd be surprised how many people think the only move in the game is the shooting attack or just do the super attack over and over .
  3. First off, I think Giger is dead, so that's why he could comment on AVP. ANyways, I saw it last Thursday at a midnight showing the local theater had for it. To tell you the truth, I was actually pretty shocked they did a midnight showing of it. But it's a geek film, so the geeks will come. But it was wierd. I work(ed) at an arcade across the street form the theater and I walked over to it on Thursday and bought my friend and my girlfriend a ticket. I asked how many were sold, and the guy said 15%. But then, we go to see the movie, and the theater is PACKED!! They even had to put it in a second theater! It was wierd... But as for what I thought of the movie, I thought it was really good. And yes, I am a ahrdcore Alien and Predator fan. Paul gets major kudos for not filling it with a bunch of that fake looking CG crap like I'd expect other directors to do. Big, rubber suits are the way to go . I love the AvP games and comics and such, but I'm glad Paul went with his own idea with this one. It's like Resident Evil. If I wanted to see the first game's story, I'd play through the first game, not wait for a movie on it (and Romero's script took quite a few liberites with the first game, from what I've read in it). I was not worried aobut the PG13 rating. I knew it would be violent enough. Heck, I kept laughing at my girlfriend because she was scared during it, so even with a PG13 rating it could still scare. Lots of tense parts though. THough, and spoilers ahead, I was INCREDIBLY pissed the family guy didn't live THe one always talking about his two kids. I was rooting for him. My girlfriend, who doesn't know anything about Aliens or Predators, was sad when they first took him, but I told her there is still a chance for him, which there was when he was in the egg chamber, and when he shot that one face hugger, I was glad he'd be saved, but then, as those who ahve seen it, he was ****ed, in more ways then one But yeah, I was content witht he violence level, and I'm glad the language didn't get out of hand. Other then the above spoiler I posted, I thought everything was great about it, and even some of the new things introduced. I liked the Alien spear and shield the girl had. The whole proving themselves deal the Preds went through. It was all great I thought. I give it a B+, definetly. But, here's the best part. My dad takes my brother and sister to go see it Saturday. When I later stop by the apartment, both are watching the first Alien movie . A single tear fell down my eye . Later, when I come back to see what they wanted to do for dinner, both had started watchign Aliens . I fell to my knees . And my friend tells me there's supposedly an uncut version of the movie coming to DVD, but I think that's just him making stuff up.
  4. Yeah, I picked it up today a while after work . Great buy. I adore the packaging . Extras are great too. By the way, easy Easter Egg I stumbled upon. WHen you're in the the menu with all the different feauturettes (there's seven of them), press up at the top one and it will move to a blank part. Hit enter and you will see a featurette of the cast talking about Jesse Ventura's political career . And the movie comes with a free AVP ticket! I get to see it twice now .
  5. I saw it and loved it . Cruise was great in it. I love how nuts he was in the movie
  6. I caught the making of the movie on HBO and I'm 90% sure it's going to kick alot of ass. One of my favorite things though is that they're using alot of miniatures and animatronics instead of going the straight up CG route like I was expecting . Oh, and something incredibly neat for us Alien fans I noticed. You know how Lance Henrikson plays Weyland (or Yutani?) which later becomes the model for Bishop? Well, it was real quick in the making of, but it shows him sitting at his desk on a computer, tapping a pen between his fingers ala Aliens . This is going to be awesome .
  7. As long as what they say about this one being more character driven rather then special effects driven is true, I'm happy. I'm kind of glad Brosnan's leaving the role. He looked pretty bad in Die Another Day (like everything else about the movie).
  8. And those three are the last ones he's doing Too bad, too, because other then the break dancing one, the others were lacking. That Japanese one has nothing on the Indian. My favorites were the Australian guy and the fridge, the kid on the ice, help computer... ah, Hell, all the early ones kicked ass. But nothing tops the kid on the cliff. "Shhhhhiiiiiiiiii...!"
  9. Sounds sweet. By the by, have you guys heard about that new Day of the Dead movie? What's up with that?
  10. I remember on Articnightfall they were saying the dub was not the American dub, but a different one (Australian, I think?). Anyways, I plan on picking up the five disc dubless set eventually.
  11. I find Robocop 1 and 2 to be both equally good. 3 doesn't exist, though. And Prime Directives are, surprisingly, pretty decent. They were obviusly trying there hardest to copy the first movie's style. I've only seen the first two episodes so far. The first one mainly is about Murphy as a human and a partner he once had. Hardly any Robo action. Theres a bad guy in it, named Bone Machine, who is actually pretty cool. The second, well, I can't say much because it would spoil the whole first episode. My friends downloading them off somewheres and he hooks his laptop up to the big screen. Good times. There at least worth the effort to hunt down and give a download. One thing I love in them is the news clips. They have the scrolling bars on the bottom that say some of the funniest things. For example, when they talk about Bone Machine, it says ont he bottom "Bone Machine action figure now available!" And the programs on the station seemingly change at a whim. It's beautiful. Anyways, don't expect anything liek the movies. Everythings had a drop. They even changed the Robo walking sounds And no mention of Lois so far. And Robo looks like crap because he's pretty much obselete. Anyways, much better then Robocop 3, which isn't saying much, but pretty far behind Robocop 1 and 2. And were the four Prime Directive episodes made for TV? Because the second episode had guys getting cut in half up and down and some nudity. EDIT: And yeah, Tarintino sucks.
  12. (Punches through brother's chest with the red hand) Recreating Jaburo is fun!
  13. They always over charged with the HK DVDs at conventions, anyways. I wouldn't mind paying ten dollars a disc, but charging fifteen? Come on! Especially when you can get them online for six or seven bucks a pop.
  14. I went to Anime Expo on Saturday. I only stayed for a couple hours, though. Wasn't anything to exciting going on and the dealers didn't have anything I wanted. But it was free for me to go so I said what the Hell. Took a long time to get the passes and what not though. I didn't take many pictures. I took some pictures with some Stormtroopers that were collecting donations. Seriously, if they weren't dressed as Stormtroopers, I probably wouldn't have given them much, but since they were dressed as them, I gladly donated $20 . On the lines of pictures, I didn't take many thers then that. Took a picture with someone dressed as Mario, and another dressed as a communist. Said he was from Ranma. Never seen the show so I don't know. I went up to this one guy and asked if he was dressed as David Bowie (he had hair like David did back when he was still doing the Ziggy deal) and he got angry and stormed off. Go figure. I walked the dealer room, didn't see anything good. First off, I only buy HK DVDs, so that kind of eliminated half the boothes. None of the companies were doing anything really exciting. One was throwing shirts. I don't see how people can spend four days straight there.
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