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  1. I did. However, Nippon Yassan still has made no movement with this. Not even a processing order status. Is this the same for everyone else that ordered from them? I'll get back into weathering when I get a new airbrush. The one I was using is having airflow issues and I haven't been able to get proper support with regards to fixing it. Edit: okay wow... I just went back and read through the last couple pages. I guess NY has been really dropping the ball here....
  2. Man, I'm really late to the game here. I'm glad the 31A is a web exclusive so I didn't miss out on it, but wtf is the deal with the 31J Kai? That makes no sense whatsoever...
  3. That's a whopping 20x10-4% savings! What a deal!
  4. Yes, the Yamato version came with a stand. Without one, it would be especially hard to display properly in cruiser mode.
  5. Thanks. I got it ordered with my mom's help, although some of it didn't even make sense to her. So we had to guess what the intent. Like there was a part that gave the options to either "find someone to pay for you" or "anonymous purchase". Neither made any sense so I just tried anonymous purchase. *shrug*
  6. I've only gotten as far as getting it into the cart. I can't check out yet because I think it needs the address and I can't get half of the page to translate. I've had to resort to calling up my mom and seeing if she can help me with it since I can't read Chinese...
  7. The FlightPose stands may look nice and are inexpensive, but I and other people have had issues with the silicone tips dissolving or marring the paint at the points of contact. Just a warning.
  8. Would be nice if they included stuff that was only in the kit version before like the decals, glow stickers, and the etched metal parts.
  9. I wouldn't get the KO VF-1's as it's a copy of Arcadia's stuff which they are still selling. I'm interested in and okay with the Regult as it looks to be an original mold and also the fact that Arcadia seems to have no interest in making 1/60 toy versions of the Regult and the Yamato HDP kit was a very limited run and is hard to find, much less at a reasonable price. So I see this as filling a niche that no one else is willing to fill. +1 for Yetistand. The Yamato launch arm is clunky and the one I got was a piece of junk. With hardly any use, the ratcheting mechanism on one of the joints stopped working. Maybe the KO would actually be better quality compared to the real thing? Possibly, but the design overall is still chunky and lacks versatility. The Yetistands are simply designed, durable, very versatile (customizable to suit your needs, interchangeable parts and tons of available adapters) and look sooooo much better.
  10. Interesting. I never thought to compare something like that. So I took the new Hikaru 1S and compared to a VT-1 and a DYRL Kakizaki VF-1A from some years back. Somehow I feel like the plastic is a bit lighter or at least more flexible on the Hikaru. When I tap the end of the fully extended wings on the new Hikaru 1S, it seems to have more vibration or spring to it. Whereas tapping the VT-1 or Kakizaki, it's more of a muted thud. The thickness and the dimensions of the wings look identical. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Maybe the added flexibility will make it less prone to breakage? It's by no means floppy or squishy, just less... rigid? Maybe lighter? I'd have to put them on a scale to know for sure, but I don't have one handy to make a quantifiable assessment.
  11. In some cases, it helps to shave down the rectangular pegs and even out any surfaces that might be sticking out further, preventing the wing from folding up properly. I had to do that with a 31J. I was super happy when they got rid of the foreign transaction fees on my Amazon Prime Chase card.
  12. When I got my copy of the recently released Hikaru VF-1S, it instantly hit me how pink it looked without needing to compare it to anything. I guess I'm particularly sensitive to color gradations. It makes it easier to do color matching when mixing paints, but it's curse when things like this bother me. I was fairly disappointed and probably won't be getting anymore Arcadia VF-1 releases. People may think I'm overreacting, but I can't help that it bothers me, especially when put next to the other ones. They should have made it like the VF-0S white which didn't look pink at all.
  13. I half expect Milia's VF-1J to come out sort of orange-ish and Max's to be a purple hued blue while the visor frames are black because they maybe might have looked that way in one frame of animation error during an explosion while squinting your eyes really hard.
  14. That was my thought as well when I transformed mine to GERWALK mode. I thought to myself, "Paint this black and this would be a valk that Batman would be proud to fly."
  15. Yeah. Not to discourage anyone starting their collections now, but I personally wouldn't be able to afford having a collection like mine (and I don't even have a huge collection compared to many others) trying to get the same things years down the road with the aftermarket prices. It would just be too daunting to me. I've only paid high aftermarket prices on one thing which was the super parts for Alto's 29, and I felt like I paid far too much, especially since I found it was missing a piece. I regret not buying Alto's VF-25 Armored parts when I had the chance to and now it's just far too much out of the range of what I would be willing to pay for them, being priced at several hundred dollars. I only had the benefit of starting early and keeping up with the releases which made things possible for me.
  16. I buy them as they come. Back when Yamato was in business, stuff would often come up on sale later, so I got some of my Yamato stuff on sale months after release. Those were the good ole days where I didn't have to wake up at 3 AM just to secure a pre-order... The non-VF-1 Arcadia and Bandai 1/60 valks rarely stay in stores for too long after release and don't drop in price except for a few less popular items so it is generally better to pre-order at a discount as they come up. Once you start looking at ebay or Amazon afterwards, you're generally paying scalper prices.
  17. I removed the hands on mine back when I transformed it back to fighter and I could not see any difference.
  18. Have to do Advanced Search. A term that works is "Macross DX".
  19. We're like Alcoholics Anonymous... if AA was a bunch of alcoholics encouraging each other into binge drinking.
  20. If I can't get the paint to blend in well, I feel like I might end up going down the rabbit hole of masking off whole sections and redoing the gold entirely. Hopefully it doesn't come to that... The way I see it though, it is worth spending $6.80 for the gold and copper paint to try to fix the paint scratches and chips that are annoying the hell out of me on a $200+ toy.
  21. Did someone from Arcadia quit to go work at Bandai? That color is so off in a way that only Arcadia could have managed.
  22. Seems like this is something that is either going to happen or it's not regardless of how the film has been removed or how long it's sitting somewhere. Their paint and tampo prints are simply not adhering properly.
  23. The thumb on mine broke off exactly like that, but not because I was trying to squeeze the hand back in for fighter mode. I had just put the gunpod in the hand and I was closing the fingers when the thumb just came right off. I was able to glue it back on with some plastiweld bondine, but that thumb is fragile as heck and can snap at the slightest pressure. It might just be safer to remove the hand entirely when transforming the valk to fighter mode, even with positioning the fingers properly.
  24. I didn't think about the paint flecks orientation, but I need to give it a try anyway because of all the gold that came off mine during handling. I've sprayed metallic paint touchups on my car before and it didn't seem to have any different look to the factory paint so I'm hoping for the same results here. I'm using this as my color guide, which I'm assuming/hoping Bandai also used (not necessarily the paint, but the colors) for the DX toys: http://www.mech9.com/2016/10/172-draken-iii-keith-aero-windermere.html I ordered a bunch of Mr Hobby Aqueous paints for this and the VF-31. I've got a 262 sitting in the HLJ warehouse waiting for the 31F to be released so I can ship them together to save a bit on shipping. I'm hoping that it will not have paint issues.
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