MACROSS – 1992 Live Action Movie Treatment


The following is the 1992 movie treatment for a possible live action movie of Macross.
This particular treatment was not developed past this early initial stage as far as we know.
It has previously been discussed on SpeakerPODcast in Episode 36 and Episode 37.
You can join the conversation in progress in the forums here.

Macross Live Action Movie Treatment – 1992
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SpeakerPODcast EP.37 – Winter Wonder Festival 2016


The SpeakerPODcast Crew is back and is bringing ALL the latest Macross news!
Renato reviews the latest Bluray release of Do You Remember Love, while Gwyn & Egan report back from Wonder Festival 2016 where the Delta hype train has left the station!
We then dive headlong into the 1992 live action movie treatment and the circumstances surrounding its creation.
You might be surprised by what we turn up. THREE writers?!?!?

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00:00:58 – NEWS!
-New Key Visual
-Macross Delta Manga Announced
-Episode 2 Screening Announced
-Anime Japan & Fan Club talkshows, Super Robot Spirits 2016 Announced
-Sapporo Snow Festival
00:13:23 – Bluray reviews
00:27:20 – Wonder festival 2016 Report
00:55:51 – Movie Treatment Synopsis
01:04:03 – Movie synopsis background and context

You too can rock out like Mylene for the low low price of 350000 yen!
You too can rock out like Mylene for the low low price of 350000 yen!


SpeakerPODcast EP.36 – Macross Live Action Movie Treatment


Back in 1994, a script for a live action Hollywood adaptation of Macross was briefly shown during a Newtype.Shonen Ace video special, a VHS bonus for readers of Newtype & Shonen Ace magazine. While entertainment industry insiders like Harry Knowles claimed to have heard Hollywood rumours four years later in 1998, very little has ever been revealed about what was actually in the script.

Until now.

This pre-vis concept of a Zentraedi came 2 years later with the script, but shares common elements with the Zentraedi described in the initial treatment.
This pre-vis concept of a Zentraedi came 2 years later with the script, but shares common elements with the Zentraedi described in the initial treatment.

Doug ‘Calamori’ has uncovered an initial treatment for a possible Macross live action movie from 1992.
Auto-tuned idols?
A 4000 meter long Macross?
Cycloptic, insect-like Zentraedi?

Tune in as Doug shares his discovery with the SpeakerPODcast American Crew in this World Exclusive. (Yes folks, Darkwater is back.)

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Macross Delta – Latest Key Visual Revealed!

Delta KV 2
The second key visual for Macross Delta was revealed today, along with confirmation that the series will indeed start airing in April as previously speculated (exact date TBD).

In addition, a novelisation and FOUR spin-off manga were also announced.
Exact details about the manga have yet to be revealed, but some will deal with the origins of both Walkure and the Aerial Knights.
The manga will run in the following publications:

■Magazine Special (Weekly Shonen Magazine).
Artist: Kei Ichimonji (一文字 蛍)
Starts: May

■Shonen Sirius Monthly:
Artist: Tatsuo  (タツヲ)
Starts: April

■Comic Rex Monthly
Artist: Shion Miduki (満月シオン)
Starts: April

■Comic Zero Sum Monthly
Artist: Azuki Fuji (藤小豆)
Starts: April

A talkshow will also be held at Anime Japan 2016 on March 26, featuring cast members from the original Macross, Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Macross Delta.

Macross @ Sapporo Snow Festival 2016

The 2016 Sapporo Snow Festival kicked off today and features a display to commemorate the upcoming release of Macross Delta!
The exhibit also features a small selection of exclusive merchandise.
MW forum regular and Jefuemon was on the scene and took the following pics.

Merchandise (prices do not incl. tax)
Pocket Warmer: 200 yen

Clear File: 350 yen

Tote Bag: 2500 yen

Acrylic Standees: 700 yen each

Hoodie: 5800 yen



Macross Triangle Booth @ Wonder Festival 2016 (Winter)

As the largest hobby show in Japan, Wonder Festival is always a good source of Macross news, toys and kits – both official and fan-made.
With the broadcast of Delta just around the corner however, the next Wonder Festival (February 7) will have an official Macross ‘Triangle’ booth as well, complete with merchandise and events.

The booth will also be playing full versions of all three songs that were used in the Macross Delta preview episode: (i)Ikenai Borderline, (ii)Love! Halation THE WAR, (iii)Gilitick❤︎BEGINNER.
Of these, only Ikenai Borderline has yet to have been released commercially.

Macross Event Schedule @ WF2016(W)
10:00~10:30: Macross Delta ep.1 (0.89 preview ver.) Screening
11:00~11:30: Macross Delta ep.1 (0.89 preview ver.) Screening
11:30~12:30: HI-METAL R Regult hands-on session.
13:00~14:00: JOYSOUND Karaoke Contest (1)
-Ikenai Borderline @ Wonder Festival
14:30~15:30: MACROSS MODELLERS Mecha Dogfight
16:00~17:00: JOYSOUND Karaoke Contest (3)
-Kira & Ikenai Borderline☆Sing our song!

Merchandise (prices do not incl. tax)

TShirts: 3000 yen each

5 4 3


Posters: 800 yen each



Badges: 300 yen each. Allotted at random. 22 variations.



Macross Eye Wear (glasses frames) Sheryl & Ranka versions: 12000 yen each


Macross Delta Full Colour Tote Bags: 2500 yen



Macross Delta Microfiber Towels: 600 yen each.


COSPA Announces Macross Plus T-shirts

Anime clothing/merchandise manufacturer COSPA has announced two new Macross Plus t-shirts.
Preorders have already started, with the t-shirts due to be released in late March.
Price: 2900 yen (3132 yen incl. tax)
These items can be ordered via the COSPA online store and online retailers such as AmiAmi.
A limited number will also be available at Wonder Festival Winter 2016 on February 7.


Final batch of Macross Movies Blu-ray discs are OUT!


Today sees the release of the remaining three Macross movies in their sleeker, stand-alone, new editions: Macross: Do You Remember Love, Macross Plus: Movie Edition, and Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me.  Following on from the release of the two Macross Frontier movies, The False Diva and The Wings of Farewell, these last three releases also boast brand-new art by staff members, namely Koji Morimoto (Plus), Haruhiko Mikimoto (DYRL and 7) and Hidetaka Tenjin (er, all the things), as well as newly recorded audio commentaries, featuring Mika Doi (Misa Hayase), Akira Kamiya (Roy Focker), Yasunori Honda (DYRL sound producer), Shoji Kawamori, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Takumi Yamazaki (Isamu Dyson), Unshou Ishizuka (Guld Bowman), Ichiro Itano, Keiko Nobumoto (Plus screenwriter), Michiko Nemoto (Emilia Jenius), Tetsuro Amino (M7 director) and many MORE.

But of course, the one thing that is on everyone’s mind is whether or not the censorship that plagued the original release of DYRL on BD is still there or not.  I can happily report that it has been removed and so the movie is just the way you remember it.  DO YOU REMEMBER GORE?

Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to own these classics, looking better than ever.  Though in the case of the Frontier movies, I would say the Shudista boxset is still better value, since it’s jam-packed with bonus content, and you get a bunch of books as well as English subtitles, which the new releases sadly lack.

WIN_20160129_143402 WIN_20160129_143456

SpeakerPODcast EP.35 – Macross Delta – It’s Fun To Think About!

With the Tokyo Crew having had their say, it’s time for the SpeakerPODcast America Team to weigh in on the preview episode of Macross Delta.
And why not? After all, it’s fun to think about!
But be warned – SPOILERS AHEAD!

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