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1/72 Full Armor VF-11 kit Challenge


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Hello my friend, this sounds like a great idea, count me in!  I'll ask my friend Tom in Chicago to complete this build if that's okay with you.  He's a MW member with lots of experience with Macross resin kits. I'll ask him to photograph the build as he goes along, and make similar upgrades/improvements like the sample you posted.  Please let me know if this is satisfactory.  Thanks in advance.  :hi:

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7 hours ago, Dax415 said:

Hola chicos, en un esfuerzo por ponerme nervioso para completar la construcción, estoy ofreciendo uno de mis extras al precio significativamente con descuento de $ 80 + envío.  "El Kit" La única advertencia, debes completarlo y publicar tu construcción aquí antes de fin de año (con suerte antes). ¿Tengo algunos interesados?

shipping cost to Mexico?

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On 1/30/2021 at 10:52 PM, Dax415 said:

Hi guys, in an effort to get my own nerve up to complete the build, I'm offering one of my extras at the significantly discounted price of $80 + shipping.  "The Kit" The one caveat, you must complete it and post your build here Before the end of the year (hopefully sooner).  Do I have any takers?

I already have the kit... how about we just start building later this year? 

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