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What can we expect from a new Macross Series?


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18 minutes ago, Podtastic said:

I thought that was nips, from the war. 

Do you have any confirmation of any Japanese individuals/groups saying that they feel offended by the term?

It was both, for the record.

And yes, it is a racial/ethnic slur.  You'll even find it on Wikipedia's List of Ethnic Slurs.  In the 19th century it was considered a neutral demonym for Japanese people, but even then its actual usage was more than slightly tinged with the kind of racism that was socially acceptable back then.

Please don't use it, as that kind of thing is very much against the rules here.



So an 80's anime series, chockablock full of awesome mecha was not meant to sell toys and model kits to young Japanese boys and teens?

Very hard to believe. 

Amusingly, the facts do not care what you believe. <_<

Macross's creators are very much on the record about Macross being a love story set against a backdrop of a space war, not a war story with a romance subplot.

Likewise, this truth is reflected in the promotional materials and merchandising for the franchise.  It's promoted on its characters far more than its mechanical designs.  Model kits and toys are certainly profitable, but you'll find that character goods, soundtracks, audio dramas, and the like make up a greater proportion of the franchise's merchandising.  Especially in the TV installments like 7Frontier, and Delta.  

Yes, the anime has mecha in it... but it's not about the mecha.  It's about the people and their relationships.

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