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Obsolete (YouTube series)

Big s

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I saw these kits for preorder the other night and got curious and checked out the first 4 episodes. The last 2 are premium. Seems that aliens sell humans an obsolete piece of machinery cheap to us humans and we take that tech and first start using them for labor the of coarse we eventually arm them for combat. The frame has a mind link with the operator, so the controls are non existent. Each episode is only about 12 minutes and seem more about world building than character development, but the combat scenes are fun.

each kit has the basic frame but with additional armor and weapons along with a pilot figure. They’re 1/35 and would probably work really well in modern military dioramas. If my measurements are correct they’re only about 3 inches tall though. I guess there’s also an issue of Hobby Japan that has a kit of the frame as an added bonus.





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I liked watching this series a helluva lot! 

Big s forgot to mention that the aliens are bestowing these armors to mankind in exchange for 1 ton of limestone per armor unit (IIRC).  What they're doing with it is a big mystery. 

They make a worldwide declaration over any broadcast means available on earth that they have absolutely no affiliation to any political, religious, ethnicity, creed, color you get the picture.

1 ton of limestone, and 24 hrs later (again IIRC) 1 armor unit. That's all they want...yeah right.

Also, I think something is happening on the moon too.

As stated, all 6 EP are on YouTube, and would only take about 75-80 minutes to binge watch.

I really hope it continues cause it's got me very curious to see where this is going.

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