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Rare (very) valkyrie VF-1S robotech Lansay


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Hello guys, I am a robot collector, new in this forum and I do not know if I am at right place. I want to sell this very rare Valkyrie. It has been made by Lansay with the Bandai Mold. (So technically it is possible to say it is a KO). The problem is that I do not have an idea of what price will be fair because it is very rare. According to what I read it is the rarest version for Valkyrie. Mine is in good shape but unfortunately on loose... if you can help on it it will be great !!




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Well I do not find Lansay mark. I assume it is one because I am in France and it really look like the one I saw on picture on google. one thing also is sometimes it said that it is a vf-1J. Someone  told me around 250€ for the price. What do you think ? Thanks for your help anyway 

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To be honest, I didn't even know Lansay made copies of the 1/55 scale VF-1.

Macrossworld's Carl Hoff (if he is still active on MW) may know more, as he is our resident expert on Lansay toys.

Just did a bit of Google searching and came up with this French link, but that's all I could find:


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3 hours ago, Rhalggouth said:

Thanks a lot ! Well another price.. I think I will put it on auction

Good Luck!

I wouldn't base anything on the listed price from the site I linked as it seems anything that has been "sold" is listed at $99.99...but you still might want to find out what it sold for before listing it on ebay or offering it for sale....try to look for a mark of somekind...it will definitely help with your sale....

On items such as yours, a lot of time the "value" will be based purely on what a collector within that niche market is willing to pay for the item.....unfortunately, high value is not always correlated to it's rarity....in cases such as with your Lansay Valk....value is more tied to the item's desireability within the overall Macross/Robotech VF collector community...and more specifically within a smaller niche of said community...

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That's a Hergoss WF-1S . They were sold in France but manufactured in Macau.  As 1/55 bootlegs go, they are very well made with quality plastic and they added little extensions to the tips of the tail fins that you can see in his pics.  I have one in the box.

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