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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is the latest CG animated film in the Final Fantasy franchise. It is directed by Takeshi Nozue, co-director of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and features the voices of Aaron Paul (Jesse in Breaking Bad), Lena Headey (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Ma-Ma in Dredd), and Sean Bean (the guy that dies in every other film, meaning he'll probably die here as well).

The film opens in Japanese theaters on July 9 and will have a limited U.S. release on August 19.

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No surprise on the bad reviews. Have we seen any really good CGI films from Japan yet?

Yes. Resident Evil Damnation was super good. Dumb as a brick, but the goodness was off the charts. Perpetual heartthrob Leon S. Kennedy versus TWO Tyrants AND a horde of Lickers AND the entire state of not-Russia?

I'm not surprised in the slightest that this movie is getting the drubbing that it is. After the hype had worn off Advent Children, I realized it for the mess of a movie that it was, and I'm coming into this one with the low low low LOOOOOW expectations it deserves.

The problem is (probably) that it treats itself with such reverence and so little self-awareness. The dialogue is (probably) super stilted and awkward and melodramatic. That seems to be the Squenix way.

Anyway. Visuals look damn good, at any rate.

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I tried getting tickets this weekend, but there's really only one theatre within 50 miles showing it and they're only doing one showing a day and they were all sold out.

Some of the reviews are saying its bad, but still the best of the three films made, so I might try and see if it's still showing this weekend since I have some free tickets to waste.

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So I just got back from seeing it. The only theatre nearby is in Ontario CA and they only have one showing a night so I had preordered tickets the other day. It was a packed showing probably due to the limited amount of theatres playing it.

We actually liked it. There really is a lot to look at. The backgrounds are spectacular, they have a mix of medieval, modern and futuristic all mixed yet separate. There may be a medieval castle surrounded by highways and modern vehicles and futuristic airships flying overhead.

Anyway if you're wondering if you should go through the trouble of finding a showing, you should ask yourself if you liked either of the first 2 films Spirits Within or Advent Children. If you liked either of those you will probably like this. The film has problems like cheasy dialogue and long winded speeches and all, but even at its slow parts my eyes couldn't stop looking at the backgrounds. The action is fantastic and fast paced with spells, sword fighting and monsters and giant big bastard monsters and even mechanical enemies.

If you don't like final fantasy stuff or hated both of the other films then the visuals may not be enough to keep you happy and this may not be worth the trouble to find, but for a guy like me it was worth it.

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