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My SV-51 Nora and Regult Battle Pod


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Hi guys! Here are my lates models, SV-51 Nora scheme and the Bandai 1/72 Regult Battle Pod

I bought the Sv-51 on it's first release and was stored since. Nice and really big model to build. The decals were no easy to work, maybe becouse of it's age (12 years now!).

post-305-0-30683000-1460249630_thumb.jpg post-305-0-98346600-1460249702_thumb.jpg post-305-0-54936100-1460249803_thumb.jpg

post-305-0-32472600-1460249860_thumb.jpg post-305-0-00342500-1460249916_thumb.jpgpost-305-0-79495200-1460249990_thumb.jpg

post-305-0-63341500-1460250112_thumb.jpg post-305-0-23005000-1460250190_thumb.jpg post-305-0-57884700-1460250300_thumb.jpg

post-305-0-34901600-1460250325_thumb.jpg post-305-0-55475900-1460250355_thumb.jpg

An here's the Regult. Some chipping effects added and some dirt:

post-305-0-35083400-1460250384_thumb.jpg post-305-0-50568900-1460250401_thumb.jpg post-305-0-04691600-1460250420_thumb.jpg

post-305-0-10693200-1460250487_thumb.jpg post-305-0-86978400-1460250502_thumb.jpg

Hmmm... got you now!

post-305-0-13561300-1460250519_thumb.jpg post-305-0-17038700-1460250546_thumb.jpg

Well, hope you like them guys!


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Hey ValkyriePM, long time, no see! Great comeback with a couple of GREAT models! They came out exceeelnt and the weathering looks realistic! Congratulations on a couple fo great display models! - MT

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