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UN Spacy Fleet circa 2040

Mr March

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This past week I was gathering reference images to assist in building new revised colored art for the Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier, the Northampton Class Stealth Frigate, and the Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier. I took a bunch of screenshots from the HD version of Macross Plus, particularly the UN Spacy fleets around Earth. I decided to combine multiple screenshots together to produce a version that somewhat accounts for the vertical/horizontal scrolling of the establishing shots in the anime. The images aren't perfect, but they are interesting to look at, especially in high definition. Most often when we see the UN Spacy in a Macross animation they are depicted as terribly outnumbered, whether it's against the Meltrandi/Zentradi, the Mardook, the Varauta/Protodevlin or the Vajra. While proportionally the UN Spacy always has been a smaller military force in the Macross universe, it's easy to forget that the Spacy is very large by any conventional standard, only appearing small in comparison to the dramatically numerous enemies they must face.

I've posted the images on FB and figured I'd also collect them here for any interested fans. Full sized images over 1,200 pixels can be found at the following three links:




Enjoy! :)




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*Information High buzzing*

SDF-1 surrounded by zentraedi fleet, isamu yf-19 againt earth defense system. i think it gives similar situation and feeling when you watch it for the first time. Isamu's whistling is so perfect during that scene.

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The HD versions of the various Macross series have revealed a lot of things I never noticed before. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say it's simply enhanced the existing details to the point where these previously foggy details can be much better appreciated and understood. These scenes in Macross Plus really popped out once I saw them in high definition.

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