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I've seen this docu. Certainly, the man was passionate about what they had developed, and the pre-production work does look fantastic. But if you know the filmmaker, the era it was to be made in, and the technological limitations that existed, this film would certainly not have been the end-all-be-all some film geeks have declared it to be. We'd of had a better chance ending up with something even stranger and goofier looking than Flash Gordon ended up being.

In my mind Ridley Scott's Dune is the one we really missed out on.

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Honestly I find the Lynch version unwatchable for the most part and much prefer the syfy miniseries, despite the low budget, it was far more true to the book, deveating mostly to give Irulan more screen time.

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Love the cover of that limited edition. Nice set.

I've seen this documentary. An excellent film. Jodorowsky is an incredible personality and it's easy to see why he infected those around him with his contagious enthusiasm. He also has a way of looking at art that is humbling, always daring the viewer to question one's motive for what one does in life. I'm not convinced Jodorowsky's "Dune" would have been a good film, but it would have been something very fearless and creative. At worst it would have been a very interesting failure, certainly no more or less than Lynch's own film. This documentary is definitely worth a watch.

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