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Variable Action "Aldnoah.Zero" KG-7 Areion (Miyazawa Model Limited Distribution)

It's up for pre-order at AMIAMI 6460 yen


CDjapan had it too for a bit cheaper 6205 yen


Set Contents]

-Main figure

-75mm machine gun x2

-Grenade launcher x2

-Knife x2

-120mm rifle

-75mm handgun

I wonder if it will come with a stand too? probably not.



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A dub has been announced.


Ginias Sahalin from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team has both his Japanese voice, Show Hayami (whom we all know and love as Max Jenius!) and English voice, Lex Lang, in common with Count Cruhteo.

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I hope they will make it for the Grunt KG-7 too.

I'm sure they will. Its more or less the same mold, with different colours. Any pictures of accesories for this bad boy yet ? Hope it has grappling cables and stuff.

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