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SSV Normandy SR2 (Mass Effect 2/3) - 1/700 - scratch


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Here is the very beginning of a long time project : create a 1/700 scale model of the stealth frigate SSV Normandy SR-2, seen in the video games "Mass Effect" 2 and 3:


source : http://www.deviantart.com

I have found some documents on the web, with some 3 view sheets, but nothing immediatly useful. So, I have decided to start from an official desk model I have ordered, pretty well done and detailed for the size (17 centimeters):


With little efforts, I have started to make my own plans, with the only data I have found concerning the "real" ship, the total length, 384 meters. With an excel sheet, I transform the desk model dimensions (1/2259), in order to have the datas for a 1/700 model:


Thanks for reading.


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I love me some Mass Effect, a truly well crafted interactive space opera for the ages. I'm looking forward to your work, the Normandy is a beast! Only thing, I would think this thread would be best served in The Workshop! or Model kits section of the forum.

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