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Static On-Face Vinyl Macross Decals: The Revenge


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It's taken me a while to get back around to reopening this project from a few years back, but here I finally go. I've created four decals - 2 brand new, 1 which was never before offered here on Macrossworld, and 1 which was the beginning of this entire labor of love. I've had to teach myself a lot about Adobe Illustrator since I've never used it as extensively as I probably should have before now. Get ready for an image-heavy thread...

First up is a renewal of the original one I made: the UN Spacy "kite" logo. If you have one of my originals, these new ones are much more vibrant in the red color, are made from thicker vinyl, and are guaranteed to last longer in terms of color holding (not fading) according to the new print shop I'm working with.

Here's the first proof which I just picked up today.


Here's the first of the brand new ones: The SMS logo! I intentionally added the gray border around the black since I felt like giving it a bit of an "Ozma" touch. I sincerely like this much more than just the black and yellow by themselves.


I went outside and promptly applied both of them onto the inside rear windshield of my car.


Here's another shot from a short distance away to give you a clearer idea of the size. Each one is about 5" in diameter. They fit perfectly under the rear window defroster in my car.


And one last shot from straight back.


The third one which I had done was a project which I started a long time ago but never got beyond the proofing stage. I had one of these made with my own text info and then decided that it would be a one-off. Well, now that's changed since the print shop I'm working with has indicated that I could change the text all around to say just about whatever I want, and the production price will remain the same (even across different vector files - they don't have to charge for a new job if it's just a text change). What this means is that anyone who is interested could send me the text for what they would want their unique decal to say, and the print shop can make it happen. For your consideration: the UNS Base Pass Parking Decal.


A few more from further back to show its size. It's about 6" across and 3" tall.


Last one from head on.


Keen-eyed observers may have seen another non-Macross decal in one of the photos above. I'm a huge Borderlands fan, and Mr. Torgue has become one of my very favorite over-the-top characters in any video game I've ever played. I was absolutely compelled to create a Torgue decal for my car. It just seemed too perfect a match.


Another from a little further back. This one is quite a bit larger than the Macross decals - about 7".


Depending upon the amount of feedback which I get for these, I would like to try to start selling them at $15 shipped (which includes Paypal fees) apiece. Unfortunately, I can't still do $10 shipped like I used to as the new shop is a bit more expensive than the last one. The quality and service is definitely higher, though.

Also... another project which I've been contemplating for a long time... shirts!

Please forgive this very crude concept example. I slapped this together in a hurry. The final colors will be much more closely matching. I had contemplated wanting different colors for the rings on the shirts to match the colors of either Hikaru (red), Roy (yellow), Max (blue), or Kakizaki (green), but I suspect that this would be extremely cost-prohibitive. The smallest quantity of these I could have done is 25, and they would cost upwards of $25 each (shipping and Paypal fees included). I'm still on the fence about these unless I get some super strong feedback.


Next one is the SMS logo on a gray shirt. This one I really like. I feel like the gray border on the logo is unnecessary, and would probably be tossed out with the final printing.


These would be very high quality screen printing and I've been guaranteed that they wouldn't crack, fade, or wear out before the shirt itself does. I've seen some of the other shirts which this particular shop has made, and I can actually believe it. Same deal as with the UNS one - the smallest quantity I could have done is 25, so these would also be upwards of $25 each.

Please let me know what you think about these. If I can get enough interest, then I will go ahead and start ramping up production right away. I'm also going to post this thread in the Sales section to see if I can get some feedback.

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I'm glad you decided to do another run of these decals. I bought two of your UN Spacy kite logos a couple of years ago and they're both still in use today! Love 'em!

I'd be interested in buying up some other stuff of yours, but I am already behind on my bills this summer. Good luck!

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