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  1. Hobby Search got it for 12600 yen... very tempting to get my first Bandai Valk... edit: looks like "restock"
  2. pm'd, when will the vinyl be ready for purchase?
  3. Thats a nice one, I am sad I had to let that one go first (well any/all my Valks for that matter)
  4. I'm having the same issue so I gotta wait for another invoice since I had to change payment method to PayPal...
  5. Yeah the entire family was out of the house when this happened so we are blessed that it didn't happen with anyone home and we all are safe
  6. Not sure if this counts as being part of this club but my place burnt up yesterday. So far without touching anything in my place these are the valks that got hurt in plain site. Couldnt find my comic con regult and my 1/48 Kakizaki. All the rest of my collection was safe in my closet.
  7. I ended up picking this one up for $120.23 shipped. It came with the film strip and poster...
  8. Got my VF-11 today, and it sure is a beauty. It was shipped FedEx, picked it up on June 27th and it came today, pretty damn fast...
  9. Thanks, I was able to add a couple other things to my order.
  10. I am wondering if anyone ever tried adding to an order already placed before on HLJ? I placed a order yesterday and like a lot of others still have not received any type of order email confirmation, but I wanted to add to my order. I would hate to create a new order and have 2 shipping charges...
  11. sweet can't wait to see those photos of these add-ons
  12. Thanks Kurisama, pulled the trigger on the VF-11B...now I gotta figure a way to sneak it in the house when it gets here
  13. Damn...I don't know what to decide on...a max and/or millia VF-22S or VF11B I can't buy all 3, my wallet and wife won't allow it
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