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I don't have any recollection of those artists in her lineup lol. I checked out the other artists for the Sunday lineup, would have liked to listen to Nami Tamaki's Gundam SEED songs. But I wish May'n had new anime songs for popular series.



And is Hololive really that popular enough to get the whole Saturday slot? Is it just going to be a screen with talking cartoons? I'm thinking that could get boring fast.

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2 hours ago, hachi said:

For the concerts in Japan, were you able to buy from Japanese websites easily? Or would it be better if I have somebody already in Japan buy it for me?


Better to get someone to buy for you the ticket cause most of the sites cater to Japanese only (meaning they will send the tickets to an address in Japan) My first few concerts was a hassle, we flew there a few days earlier and tried to buy it (not all ticket machines at convenient stores are standard  - different concert organizers have different machines ) and then the language barrier (our Nihon-go is at tourist level....). 

Recently, they have those concerts that are catered to International audience - pay to view (just make sure your country is not in the banned list) - Macross F revenge concert

There are pros and cons viewing a LIVE concert. 

Pro Nothing beats being there - going crazy with all the fans!  Proper venue and good seats

Con : Bad venue - the concert hall is flat and some 6 foot guy is in front of you! 

Alternatively some concerts can be view in Cinemas (same concept as pay to view but broadcast only in Japan)






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Thanks! I have some people in mind (ex-coworkers) who are in Japan. Though only a few I think have good Japanese-language skills.

On 11/17/2023 at 10:24 PM, VF25-F said:


Con : Bad venue - the concert hall is flat and some 6 foot guy is in front of you! 


Alternatively some concerts can be view in Cinemas (same concept as pay to view but broadcast only in Japan)






This one! I went to AFA once and there were not one but TWO big guys in front of me! Haven't had the motivation to go to another AFA since then.

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We were supposed to drive to AFASG 2023 but my friend forgot to submit his vehicle permit to enter Singapore 7 days before the actual date and we had to do a last

minute booking for a bus. I wanted to wait awhile before posting as there might be some late posting but the sudden change in the plans made this late.

Happy Birthday Sheryl! ART by Hirotaka Mirafuji and Masyang_FB7 And May'n wishing Sheryl Happy Birthday on the way to Singapore

Sheryl 231123 by Hirotaka Marufuji .jpg

Sheryl 231123 by masyang_fb7.jpg

AFASG23 Sheryl B-day.jpg

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Lots of videos n pix for AFASG 2023. Maybe it's because of Sheryl's B-day. Found 2 Sheryl cosplayers! 

May'n favourite food in Singapore!



Pineapple and Chocolate Pratta?  Wonder how it taste like! XD



Pineapple and Chocolate part 2



Finally a Taiyaki Shop at AFASG ! Actually it doesn't good (not like those in Japan) - Next time must camp at a Taiyaki store to catch her........XD



After the concert - suffering from the hot lights on stage









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wrong pix
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