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May'n - The Galactic Fairy


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Macross F 2021 LIVE at KOBE. I supposed everything was the same as Day 2. The only thing that was different was the ending announcement! The collaboration album with Walkure will be available in April 2021.  Each team will have 5 songs (3 we already know). Earlier in my post about this subject - I said Walkure should sing the Nyan2 song? Well, someone must have heard it and it's confirmed that Walkure would sing it! (It would be the Movie ver. though). Another news is all 7 singers (2 Frontier + 5 Delta) will sing 'Love, Do you Remember?'

Ok, those are not Broom sticks that they're holding! XD  They're a replica of mike stands that were used during the original Macross F concert at Budokan back in Nov 2008!

I guess it's good that I have not posted my review as it saves me time, having to explain what their costumes looked like!

Mac F 2021 3.jpg

Mac F 2021 3A.jpg

Mac F 2021 3B.jpg

Mac F 2021 3C.jpg

Mac F 2021 3D.jpg

Mac F 2021 3E.jpg

Mac F 2021 kobe.jpg

Mac F 2021D.jpg

Mac F 2021E.jpg

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Macross F LIVE 2021 (Revenge!) - Day 2

Watched the concert with a  LIVE viewing ticket from Tokyo Otaku Mode and at 6.45pm (Tokyo time) they started streaming. They showed the stage and they were playing the BGM from Frontier.

The concert started with a back story of Frontier ('Prologue F' playing) while a 3 sided horizontal screen showed a FOLD crystal flanked on both sides by wings of the VF-25F. The screen then moved upward (with jets of 'smoke' shooting downward as if the 'wings were flying up to the air) to reveal a larger screen at the back. Music is played by a 4 piece LIVE band.

Then a familiar voice rang out - the 1st song is Triangular (fight on stage). Only when the stage is lit (playing the OP for Frontier), that you can see May'n and Megumi already standing there. May'n is dressed in a sleeveless dark blue with pink lining dress. -  She grew back her long hair just as when she started singing as Sheryl Nome. Megumi is dressed in a lemon yellow dress and with a green 'belt'. The concert floor was flooded by a sea of Pink and Green lights sticks but missing were the cheering from the audience.

Images on screen changed to some mechanical design for the next song, Sheryl's logo appeared. It's May'n solo - 'Welcome to my Fan's club Night!'Still wearing the same costume but this time with a matching dark blue cap, long sleeve jacket and black boots - reminiscence of Sheryl's Blue military costume. (Just after 'Triangular' the stage went dark longer than expected - for Megumi to get behind the stage and May'n to put her additional attire)

Next is 'Universal Bunny' (images of cog wheels are superimposed with May'n on the big screen). She managed to maintain the 2 distinct 'voices' of the White and Black Bunny as well as some sexy moves during the song.

You can hear May'n slightly out of breath as she shouted - Welcome Makuhari Masse as she took off her jacket and threw it on stage.   Only now we can clearly make out the layout of the stage. It's 3 tiered and there was a walkway jutting out towards the middle of the arena and at the end of is a square rotated 45 degrees. As far as I can make out, the arena is flat. But on both sides were staircase type seating (which in my opinion, a better place to watch a concert) 

May'n was off key on the last 2 songs. But she bounced back with 'Iteza Gogo Kuji - Don't be Late'. Even at the high point of the song, you can only see people jumping and waving the light sticks but just eerie silence as everyone were wearing masks. A concert without the audience shouting sure took out fun in it. It was great to see that she still used the stage to the fullest and at the end of the song she raised her cap to the audience. A moment captured by the artist (masyang_fb7) who did an illustration!

Next is Megumi's turn. Seikan Hikou, the back screen changed to a bright and cheerful design. The concert all immediately turned green as the audience turned their light sticks to Ranka's color. Anata no Oto followed. Next was 'Ninji Iro Kuma Kuma'.

What About My Star comes next and was very lively with everyone waving left and right to the rhythm of the song. Suddenly May'n appeared in the middle of the walkway and joined in the middle of the walkway! (was she there the whole time as we didn't see her get off the stage! Not sure if any in the audience noticed her moving pass to get to the walkway) Megumi joined her at the walk way for the rest of the song.

Then back to the top tier of the stage with mikes on stands, LION! Megumi's mike stand is painted green! Undoubtedly the most anticipated duet song of the franchise! May'n sang passionately.

Introduction and welcome session. The looked for the camera that was broadcasting LIVE and waved 'Hi' to those watching from the theater and LIVE Stream around the World!

New song from Labyrinth of time - Sacrifice (duo). Images on screen showing LIVE feed but in mono colors.

It's Megumi's turn again. Aimo (really short - just a few lines). The music slowly morph to 'Songbird'

Next, May'n  sings a song that's seldom heard these days - Yousei 

3 minute break (a timer counting down in the LED screen) with the music playing the BGM 'ZERO HOUR'! As it closes to the one minute mark, Sheryl's logo appeared.

The unmistakable opening of - Northern Cross! May'n magically appeared at the end of the walk way and goes into action (did she ran all the way there or they sneaked her there during the intermission as the whole place was dark for only a few seconds!) Most notable (even in the official review) her long hair was moving quite a bit.

Now back to the main stage, her most iconic song - Diamond Crevasse! A big applause from the audience when the song ends.

Scene from Sayonara no Tsubasa - where Ranka ran after ALto and confessed her love to him just before the mission. Houkago Overflow - Megumi (change of clothing - a white gown)

Scene changed to Sheryl's first encounter with Alto as a child and then to Frontier's colony ship where Sheryl got up and started to sing. - Nyan2 Final Attack Frontier's Greatest Hits (May'n wore a fashionable black and white dress.) This version is slightly different as both of them compliment each other in the various songs (in the original, each of their part was sang by only one singer). They only covered the song halfway.

Immediately followed by Sayonara no Tsubasa - May'n looked really serious performing the song. It was lively as the duo paced back and forth the stage. The song stopped part way toward the end as the images for the song closely following as if they were doing recording LIVE for the 1st time! This is one that I felt weird (actually one of many in the 2nd movie), I mean, in the story ALto thought he had failed to rescue Sheryl and she had died. Now that he had found out she's still alive, would you still want to leave her?

Aftermath of the movie - Megumi sang 'Hoshi Kira' - one of the better songs for Ranka. Sad and sweet at the same time.

Immediately after that the audience started shouting 'Sheryl!' as though they already knew the song list (maybe it was same on Day 1) or if you followed the ending of the 2nd Movie, you would know what comes next! Finally the audience broke their silence!

d Shooting Star (first time LIVE)- duet - most lively song in the whole concert! May'n was jumping to the beat of the song, while Megumi was waving her arm back and forth. They then walked to end of the walk way and continued the song there. The audience went full swing with their light sticks! Really fun atmosphere! As the song drew to a close, they quickly walked back to the main stage for the typical ending by May'n (jump)

A break in the concert. The audience began to clap louder and louder and after a minute or two, they reappear on stage.

May'n came back with her hair tied like a pony tail. They talked about their experience playing their respective characters and all who worked with them during the Frontier years and thanked the audience's continued support after all these years.

Encore : Labyrinth of time (Toki no Meikyuu) 

Time to introduce the band members - 1st on is the Guitarist, the funniest one has to be Bass by Ball (who happened to be Bald or did May'n said Base, Ball?). The most recognisable was the Drummer (who also played in all the Walkure concerts) and last - Band Master on the Keyboard, with his gold curly mane. After that, the band left the stage and the duo, walked to left (their right) and wave/thanked the audience. Then to the right and finally to the end of the walk way (to the World wide viewers also)

One final song -  SMS Platoon Song. May'n singing at a low voice and it was fun. At the end of it they thanked everyone (May'n did a short dance) and walked all the back to the top of the main stage. Thanked everyone again and bowed. And goes off stage. The screen came to life and showed that this concert will have a BD release in 2022!

Ascoutics sounded a bit raw (4 piece band) and I suppose it because it's at Makuhari Messe, Chiba (same as Macross Crossover 2019). Also absent were any guest artist. Would be fun if they called back all the seiyuu from Frontier! (if you remember the Frontier (Final) Concert at Budokan, Yoko Kanno conned both the singers to go to the walkway and prepared a BIG surprise for them. The look on May'n and Megumi's faces were priceless! Another piece of news - there will be a 3rd performance in KOBE during
Sheryl Nome's B-day (23th November)

Fan art!

Mac F 2021 fan art.jpg

Mac F 2021 costume.jpg

Mac F 2021 fan art1.jpg

Mac F 2021 fan art2.jpg

Mac F 2021A costume.jpg

Mac F 2021C May'n clothing.jpg

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Following the Macross F concert, a busy week ahead for May'n as the launch of 'Orange' But before she could get there she stumbled onto - Shiki Zakura (she sang the OP) and Yulia - Fist of the North Star! I wonder if the public knows that it's her or an obsessed fan! XD






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Wherever she goes (Orange promotion tour), staff from each location would get her food! So much of food! (There's more in her fan page). No wonder she has to exercise hard to burn off those calories! XD








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19 hours ago, VF25-F said:

More food! In her latest post, she was putting on makeup at Animate Utsunomiya store (Orange promo) when she was given (promotional food) cheese smothered gyoza! I didn't know such thing existed! XD




At first I thought that's just a light topping lol. But I'd love to taste one.

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Funny pics of May'n during this past few weeks!

1. Bad hair day. Seems like her bangs stubbornly defies gravity no matter what she does!

2. There were a lot of curl candy at the Orange launch and she decided to take some home! (Just look at the joyous look on her face)

3.  Fun with Oranges!


bad hair day.jpg





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Remember the collaboration between Frontier's singers and Delta's? The full song list is out!

May'n will be singing solo for 'Giraffe Blues'

While on Delta's Walkure, the balance 2 songs are from May'n! - Universal Bunny and Northern Cross!

But there's added bonus and you have to buy all 3 CDs! Why can't they just keep it to 2 (I would certainly buy 2!)




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Pix from LiS Ani and a funny thing happened when May'n went to the gym. They installed a rock climbing wall and she decided to try it. she almost reached the top and then

she realized she's actually afraid of heights and don't know how to get down! XD

LiS Ani song list

1. Graphite Diamond

2. Follow your Fantasy (Cygames 10th Anniversary)

3. Iteza Gogo 9pm Don't Be Late

4. Future Note (Nakabayashi Stationary's 70th Anniversary)

5. Orange (Pride of Orange)






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A short video of May'n last year's Christmas concert has been released! Hopefully they will release the whole concert!

Anyway, for all those that are celebrating tomorrow - Wishing you all A Happy Chinese New Year 2022!


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