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Awesome Freeware MMO realtime Strategy Game; "AIRMECH"


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If I can play as Jesus that flies a transforming mech, I am soooo in.

well you COULD, for Easter 2011, anyway.

as i understand it, the Jesus AIRMECH pilot chara was a special edition unlockable premium

that was available at the time, but didn't go over particularly well, IIRC what i think i had heard about it.

i joined up with AIRMECH just a couple months ago or so myself,

so i've no idea at all if CARBON GAMES ( AIRMECH's Dev studio) intends to make the character -

(referred to as "Kommander" in game, though an otherwise obvious homage to the classical western interpretation of the King of Kings)

- a regular Easter premium or not.

we'll just have to wait till Easter 2013 to see... :)

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This is basically Herzog Zwei in a browser.

Which is not a bad thing.

bloody well right!!

that beautiful game has been in painful need of a sequel since 1989, IMHO.

there was, in fact, an official sequel, a "HERZOG DREI" planned for the ill-fated, short-lived "32X" add on hardware

designed for mating with the SEGA GENESIS, and augmenting it's technical capabilities, back around 1995.

however, the project was cancelled due to the 32X's piss-poor market performance.

it took a little over 20 years, but we now have "HERZOG DREI" better than it ever really could've been back in the mid-1990's.

i, for one, am MOST grateful for it... :wub:

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