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Whats up,

Whats going on, figure this was a place to introduce myself as a follower of the Macross Series but I just joined this forum today after months of reading the content on this website and I am glad to be apart of this website. About me some, I am a recent Macross convert (Watching Macross Plus english dub on showtime brought me to the light) with that being said also a Macross Purist as well lol. I live in the state of Virginia, I work in the IT field with the navy and the marine corps, and was in the National Guard for a while, anyways feel free to ask me anything, and would not mind chatting with some guys on here sometime, catch ya'll later.-D

Macross anime watched as of October, 2012

SDF macross (ADV english dub), Macross DYRL (Japanese dub Eng sub), Macross Plus (English Dub), Macross Zero (Japanese dub Eng sub), Macross 7 (Japanese dub Eng sub) and Macross Frontier (Japanese dub Eng sub).

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Oh yeah and I watched the movies for MF, last one was nice and interesting to note the michel was not killed of like in the Frontier TV show, he lived this time :) .-D

and actually I am more hooked on Macross Plus english dub ( I will be watching it again this week), that is my favorite plus I have the music to it on my hard drive and listen to it when I drive to work lol, BTW have anyone seen the 2007 SDF Macross English dub by ADV it was good, I liked it.-D

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