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  1. This is very good news I cant wait to buy this, never thought Macross Plus would ever get put on Blu-Ray. If the Blu-Ray is most def english dub'ed with Bryan Cranston's and Richard Epicar's voice then, I'll pay what I need to pay to get this, nice article.-D
  2. if that happens, when the blasts start I'm going towards them, I do not have a shelter and life on earth will suck greatly.-D
  3. The dub was AWESOME, I applaud the people behind this undertaking, Harmony Gold's doom will happen someday because of people like you lol, I thank you for sharing the sweet joy that is Macross.-D
  4. I know this will be corny, but it seems that the people on Mayan Island, the Maya themselves predicted that a world changing event would happen but, after so long it was not true, so not true that not even the zentraedi forces with their huge ass ships didn't come on December 21st, 2012 and blast us so bad that it would cause a Polar Shift, guess we are safe for the time being.
  5. Hey guys, sorry I have not been on in a long time, been busy with work and will be leaving for Okinawa for a couple of months, got to support the USMC bases there. Anyways I thought I was share with you all the blu-ray Macross DYRL 30th aniversary that is on youtube, but it is in english, fan dub'ed by Dark Heroes Entertainment and it is good, very great in my opinion. It can be streamed in 720p and the sound is nice, here is the link if you want to see it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwJjrWhYv3g I will finish the movie once I get to Okinawa and also have shots of Sake while watching it, I swore to myself before watching the whole thing P.S. As an American fan of Macross lets not copy and sell this or sh*t like that, just out of respect.
  6. ^^speaking of isamu in another world cooking meth lol, the spirit of guld goa bowman is in another world as a cybornetic ex military government agent, anyone guess where.-D
  7. Indeed ill have to look it up online, ^ and thanks Old Nash good to be a member, and does mw have a chat service or something like ventrillo or teamspeak.
  8. Ohh yeah I know, and before then he was the father of Malcolm lolol, I was surprised it was him and the guy is very famous, one guy I would have to meet in real life.-D
  9. Oh yeah and I watched the movies for MF, last one was nice and interesting to note the michel was not killed of like in the Frontier TV show, he lived this time .-D and actually I am more hooked on Macross Plus english dub ( I will be watching it again this week), that is my favorite plus I have the music to it on my hard drive and listen to it when I drive to work lol, BTW have anyone seen the 2007 SDF Macross English dub by ADV it was good, I liked it.-D
  10. Whats up, Whats going on, figure this was a place to introduce myself as a follower of the Macross Series but I just joined this forum today after months of reading the content on this website and I am glad to be apart of this website. About me some, I am a recent Macross convert (Watching Macross Plus english dub on showtime brought me to the light) with that being said also a Macross Purist as well lol. I live in the state of Virginia, I work in the IT field with the navy and the marine corps, and was in the National Guard for a while, anyways feel free to ask me anything, and would not mind chatting with some guys on here sometime, catch ya'll later.-D Macross anime watched as of October, 2012 SDF macross (ADV english dub), Macross DYRL (Japanese dub Eng sub), Macross Plus (English Dub), Macross Zero (Japanese dub Eng sub), Macross 7 (Japanese dub Eng sub) and Macross Frontier (Japanese dub Eng sub).
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