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VF-27 custom paint Matt Black


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I finaly finished my first model ever, I hated the pink parts of the model so I decided to paint it matte black, and gun metal. In some parts the paint chiped or scratched after the final assembly and first transformation, and yes I clear coated a few times but still...
over all I think It´s a good model and fun to build, but some pieces don't fit to well, making the transformation a pain, specially in jet mode, the shoulder area never stays where it should.

hope you like it,

here are some quick pics in jet mode.

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Looks a lot meaner in black. You did a nice job. I personally still hate the Bandai Frontier kits, though.

[spelling nazi]Oh, and it should be matte black.[/spelling nazi]

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[spelling nazi]Oh, and it should be matte black.[/spelling nazi]

hey, thanks for the spelling correction!! I´m editing the post to correct my error.

Your VF-27 looks wickedly awesome, the matte black was a good choice, post some Fighter & Gerwalk pics when you can! B))

thanks, I'm glad you liked it, I'll post pics in jet mode soon.

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