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Another SF-3A Lancer II solid model.


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After being inspired by others' efforts to computer model the SF-3A Lancer II with the possible intention of having it rapid prototyped, I thought I'd try my hands at creating my own rendition of this often overlooked fighter. I'm using Pro-E Wildfire 5.0 to generate the 3D data, and once it's done and broken into separate components (it's currently a single file used as a master model that will act as the parent for all the individual parts in an assembly), I'll be using the company's SLA-250 and/or Dimension machine to print the thing in solid form.

As it stands I'd call this about 70% complete as I plan to add all the detail that's still missing, in addition to panel lines... I haven't decided if I'm going to include a cockpit or landing skids. Comments, recommendations, observations, and constructive criticism is welcome and greatly appreciated.

I've attached a 3D PDF file that if downloaded will allow anyone with Acrobat Reader to spin, pan, zoom, and go through the views to really get an idea of my interpretation of this mecha.

Thanks and enjoy.


SF-3A LANCER II - 3D.pdf

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Thanks for the replies. BTW, the "renders" are just print-screens of the actual Wildfire working environment with 'real-time render' enabled but with reflections and shadows turned off, but the praise is appreciated.

Now for an update: Again, just more refinements and added detail; I'd call it 95%+ done. Next comes breaking the master into individual components that result in the best parts count / color break down / ease of clean-up / ease of assembly compromise... still debating if I should add a cockpit.

As always, comments are appreciated.




SF-3A LANCER II 95% - 3Dpdf.pdf

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Machine time permitting (I have to sneak in parts along with legitimate projects... it's not frowned upon where I work but real projects do come first), I intend to eventually run an SLA copy in 1/48 and 1/60 each... I'll have to test a couple of parts in 1/60 (if it works for 1/60, 1/48 should be no problem) to see if the panel lines will scan properly as they currently stand . Unfortunatelly, I have neither the equipment or know-how, nor the inclination, to cast these myself. I would be open to having a recaster make a limited run depending on what I'd get out of it.

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Modeling is completely done, and I've almost finished breaking up the master into numerous parts to prototype when time permits.



Edit: The build platform image shows parts scaled at 1/60 (1.6667%)... the model was done 1:1

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