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Specifically, I ordered a Revoltech Queen's Blade Melona figure from HLJ, which for intents and purposes, is a completely naked figure with removable clothing and...um, other accessories. I just bought her for the articles, I swear! :lol:


HLJ states on its website that the buyer must check with his/her country's customs agency to see if an item like this can indeed be imported or not. Well, I checked the U.S. Customs website and could find absolutely nothing pertaining to items of an "adult" nature getting intercepted by customs. But that doesn't mean that there aren't laws in place that would make it illegal. Anyone on MW familiar enough with customs to know the answer to this or not? If the figure gets snagged, then I'm only out about $40, but at least I'd know one way or another whether to expect this to get shipped to my front door or not. It's not like I'm trying to ship a 1-watt hand-held laser into the country or something like that...

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I think you'd be all right to order it. HLJ usually lists the items they sell as model kits and figures anyways, and I high doubt customs is going to open it. I've been ordering stuff from them for years and have never had problems. I mean, for Christ's sake, Barbie dolls are imported from China or where ever and they have removable clothing too.

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this was my most recent purchase form HLJ: http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT34577 and I had no trouble getting it delivered.

honestly half the stuff I've bought from HLJ is this kind of stuff and I've never once caught crap from customs.

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