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  1. I'm a little disappointed that Crowley Hamon isn't articulated but I guess they didn't want to compromise the sculpt for the joints. Overall I've been impressed with the line but as mentioned above they are a bit pricey especially if you get the sets for the extras. They're probably saving Amuro for last so they can get consumers to pick up the other characters 1st in preparation for his release.
  2. I try to stick to "early" UC stuff with RD. Obviously I've made some exceptions like picking up some 0083 units but I already went through all this with MSiA once. I can't even imagine trying to work this out with MG kits. Pricing and space are one issue but have they done new versions of all the older kits? The quality difference in some of them has to be substantial. At least with the RD ANIME line everything is around the same build level. Older RD stuff not so much but at least I was able to get a version of the WD Sniper II as a figure. Generally speaking the detail on the ANIME Sniper II is better but the color and proportions are pretty different. Plus it's not jointed to kneel like the original RD version. So it's sort of a toss up on which is better. I like having both but I am sort of tired of the change of line/scale. RD has been mostly more consistent than prior figure lines. Not something you really worry about with the model releases of which I have a few 1/144ths of things I thought they would never release in the figure line like the RX-77D. Just the standard version not the webshop exclusive WD version.
  3. My GM light armor finally showed up. I'm going to end up with an RD GM Museum
  4. I haven't watched the Blu Ray versions just the original DVD release so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I think the major issue was that it was compared to Plus a lot because they came out around the same time. Not really fair though since M7 is a TV series. I've been reading Arifureta but hadn't watched the Anime adaptation until now. It's actually pretty good. I'm slightly torn on the art style because in some instances I find its better but in others its worse. Not a major detractor in any way. It's nice to have a ML who is not a push over. Also started rewatching You're Under Arrest since I picked up the DVDs during one of Rightstuf's sales. Looking back I think I actually enjoyed the Live Action better. The only thing it was really missing was Aoi.
  5. M7 has some really great parts but suffers from bad animation (QUALITY) and a lot of stock footage. Basara can be pretty insufferable as well Macross 7 brings us Myria and her VF1 The old destroids Mylene Gamlin Sivil Gigile VF-17D VF-19S VF-22S A lot of pretty great music. Generally I prefer the songs with Mylene vocals but some of the Basara ones are alright too. Diamond calling being my favourite I think. It's either that or Spiral Answer Did you watch the shorts too? Spiritia Dreaming I think it's called was pretty interesting. I actually tried watching Monster Girl Doctor and Peter Grill against my better judgement. Couldn't get past the 1st episode of Peter Grill. didn't care for the animation/art. I wasn't much impressed by the source material but it didn't translate well either. Monster Girl Doctor wasn't as bad but does come off as more ecchi than the LN due to actual audio. I think so far at least (Ep2) the translation from print to multimedia is fairly good.
  6. What's the source for the trainer version? That's sort of the point. The pilots with a background as conventional fighter pilots considered the extra armor of the standard version useless. I'm pretty excited by even more MSV releases. The roster is really filling out.
  7. The Gundam and Zaku weren't technically re-released. They were repaint/remarking versions. I believe some of the pre ANIME figures like the GM Sniper II had restocks but I can't recall an actual labeled re-issue like with Revoltech or FIGMA. NY has the GP02 in stock but the mark up is ~$20.
  8. chingu77, Nippon-Yasan has contacted me each time to upgrade my shipment by submitting a ticket with the subject "change shipping method". You may want to check your email spam filter. It sucks having to pay more but with EMS suspended there's not much of a choice. They actually sent me my Heavy Gundam and GM type C (ground) recently. I'm actually a little disappointed the Heavy Gundam armor isn't interchangeable with that of the F.A.G. Not that it was advertised that it would be
  9. M'Kyuun, pretty much what Dynaman and kajnrig posted. There's been some movement prior to ban things like Dance in the Vampire Bund completely too. Conspiracy theories would have you believe there is an organized effort to ban Japanese exports due to their success and while I do believe that is blown out of proportion there is a kernel of truth there. You need look no farther than airsoft which they are trying to ban in the US because it is too realistic looking while paintball and domestic air gun companies have faced no such restrictions or banning. The hypocrisy of Sony especially irritates me. They commonly censor JPN titles but not western ones. I find it strangely poetic that the tlou2 is censored in Japan but not in the US.
  10. This video seems strangely relevant considering the sudden scare of Western censorship of Japanese fiction. That said it's been a while since I watched or read anything related to Matt or Scott. Good to see they're still around and active.
  11. This has happened to me multiple times with USPS. My only guess is they are too lazy to walk the package to your door. When the carrier on my route changed this behavior stopped. My Dom Tropen and Shin's Hi-Mo came. I like the addition of the number on the shield and the detail on the shoulder pauldron of Shin's Zaku II that weren't on the MSiA 2.0
  12. Pulling How Not to Summon a Demon Lord makes sense if speculation for the reason is correct. Images of Rem and Sylvie would be considered problematic. The art in the LNs are just as ecchi as the anime in this instance. Not a huge loss imo as the story arc sort of went off the rails around volume 10 anyway. Looks like other Amazon storefronts are starting to pull titles as well. Stop the removal of Manga and Light Novels from Amazon It's been a while since I read some of the Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha LN but Anos was essentially omnipotent and was only defeated to prove a point and because he was bored iirc. He literally is the Demon King where as Akuto Sai in Demon King Daimao is what the current Administration in universe classifies as a Demon Lord. He's essentially Neo from the Matrix. I'm not sure if the Anime ever really explains that though. I enjoy that we appear to be getting more JPN fiction with strong protagonists but unfortunately most of the stories aren't really well developed.
  13. Is that accurate? I was under the impression that I will survive using potions was not an ecchi title (I haven't read it). Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash was pulled as well and I don't recall it being an ecchi title either but it's been a while since I read volumes 1 & 2. I also went back and skimmed through Arifureta volume 6 to see if I could find anything that stuck out and may have caused this installment in particular to be pulled but I couldn't locate anything questionable. I decided to re-watch Zoids Chaotic century and see if it holds up well. Episode 1 has already successfully reminded me why I generally prefer the story line over New Century. Van is much less irritating in comparison to Bit.
  14. That's actually really cool. Thanks for posting. Order stop on HLJ already but up for preorder on BBTS. I little too expensive for my current level of interest. I've been considering picking up a Wonder Woman figure of some sort for a while.
  15. Not necessarily Anime related but it could be. I saw a story that Amazon has started pulling LN and Manga from Kindle. As far as I can tell this has not yet impacted the physical releases or Anime yet. As examples Arifureta volume 6 was pulled and all of No Game No Life. There's some speculation the Anime for the latter may be pulled as it's some what "problematic" from what I understand ( I haven't read or watched it myself).
  16. Not to be argumentative but your previous post's criticism lead me to believe you either haven't read the LN or aren't recalling all the details. A lot of what was criticized was better developed or explained in the corresponding LN. Obviously it's not the viewers responsibility to have read the source material. The Anime should stand on it's own merits. I don't generally hold LNs to exceedingly high standards as it's essentially pulp fiction but in every instance I have encountered the LN is inevitably better developed even if it's not by that much. That's also to be expected as the anime treatment is generally just a animated commercial for the LN. I've only read one series so far that is more of full well developed novel and that's Saihate no Paladin. Still in that each volume is fairly short so not much can be depicted. The fact the art in Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou anime looks like Monster Musume is disappointing. The color art of the character designs included in the LN is actually pretty nice. I've read a few LNs were the art style change in the anime has irked me. I can't bring myself to watch or read KonoSuba. It's entirely too much slapstick from what I sampled. I do not have the patience for that anymore. I enjoy the change of pace TenSura and Death March kara provide. They're pretty low key and slow paced slice of life style isekai stories. I do find the food trope stuff in them annoying though.
  17. Based on the criticism in here for Monster Musume no Oisha-san and The Misfit of Demon King Academy I won't be bothering to watch them. Seems like conversion from LN to Anime didn't go well in either instance. I'm used to a bit being lost in translation like most of the background info in Mahouka but some conversions are worse than others. It should be conveyed that Saphentite is the only real love interest at least initially ( I haven't read all the volumes yet) in Monster Girl Doctor. I've been watching the The 8th Son and My next life as a villainess. The former I enjoy the setting but the protagonist is a bit too passive. The latter is too humorous for my taste.
  18. I'd like to see an RX-77D and a WD's repaint. I won't hold my breath though. I'm also curious if we'll see a AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra released. I've pretty much decided to stick to early UC releases but I've still picked up a few of the other designs that have caught my eye. Mostly just the Mass Produced units. I'm hopeful at some point they will do the 08th MS units again. I have the pre Anime Gouf custom and it's alright. I won't buy as many as I did with MSiA obviously
  19. I've been reading the Light Novels and they were alright. Nothing exceptional but seemingly a new angle on the monster girl setting. Define weird. Is there an exceptional amount of fan service or something in the anime? I know the pacing is odd because being a Doctor there is some investigation involved in every arc.
  20. I know, so true. The whole industry is like that. The price on Figma has really inflated as well which you really only notice if you've been buying them since the beginning. MSiA/EMSiA were in the ¥1500 to ¥2500 price range back in what 2007? Even the early RD Figures were much cheaper. I believe the pre Anime version of the GM Sniper II was around ¥2500 as well. It''s not as nice of a figure obviously. A little less polished with less features but still it was a solid offering. Don't get me wrong the engineering and the base medium have improved greatly but I'm not sure that makes the 200% plus price hike any more palatable. That's not even considering the Tamashii web shop exclusive releases.. I received my effects parts set. Nice setup if you don't want to buy all the various individual figures for the battle damage effect parts. I'd like to see something like this for the thrusters and weapons if it isn't already in the works.
  21. So many releases coming out for the UC fans. Really surpassing MSiA/EMSiA in terms of selection. RGM-79C GM Type C Space https://tamashii.jp/special/gundam_anime/gm_space.html MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 https://tamashii.jp/special/gundam_anime/zaku2_f2.html
  22. It's worth noting that while you get 2 stands you only get 1 "crotch hook". There's 2 of the standard claws included. I've provided a picture of the back of the new and old stand boxes for piece reference.
  23. Follow up on my previous stand post. I finally picked up one of the new humanoid stand packs and surprisingly it actually has new pieces. I hadn't seen this noted anywhere but perhaps I didn't look hard enough. The arm and claw piece are all new. Not really necessary for RD figures since they have a plug but great for other figures. Would still work well with GFF or MSiA/EMSiA. It's worth noting you still get way less option pieces with the new stand but they may not be necessary.
  24. I am an original owner of a Blue Toynami Alpha. I haven't had a problem with the hands yet. It is however very floppy and hard to stand without any assistance. Has everyone had problems with the hands? I am curious how prevalent that issue is.
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