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Macross Crusade English Translation Now Available!


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Howdy folks!

When I first became aware of the Macross Crusade trading card game(because of the promo card in Macross Chronicle) I searched for all the info I could find.
I found a few posts in English(including one or two here...), most of which said 'feh, trading card games are teh sux' or 'too bad it will never be released in English'

So I have no idea if any of you are at all interested, but I have translated the game's rulebook and all of the cards.
I am a huge Macross fan, and I used to play lots of trading card games back in the day so I decided to take up the challenge of learning the game.
Once I had it down I figured I would try to share what I have learned.

You can download the English language rulebook (2.32MB PDF) here:


The card translations are listed over at Gundam War Central. Macross Crusade is a stand alone set of Sunrise Crusade(based on anime produced by Bandai's Sunrise Animation) and Sunrise Crusade is a modified version of the Gundam War game(which is itself a clone of Magic the Gathering tweaked for mecha combat).

Set 1- Voices Dashing Through the Galaxy

Set 2- Victory Song of Sky and Fire

If you have been at all curious about Macross Crusade, or have purchased some cards out of curiosity as a Macross collector, now you can put your cards to use and and pummel your friends Macross style!

My next project will be to create a MC Recognition Manual, pairing pics of the cards from the internet with my translations in order to help you learn the cards by sight instead of having go to leafing through pages of text while you play.
(The cards won't be scanlated, just a pic of the Japanese card with translation text beneath)

The game is a lot of fun, and its great to be able to play with all my favorite characters and mecha.

So what are you waiting for? Download the rules and check it out.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
I know that the cards are available by mail order in the States, I have been in contact with two players in America.

The next set, The Best of F, comes out in December. It is a reprint set comprised of the best Macross Frontier cards to tie in to the Macross Frontier movie. (Yeah I know, a reprint set after only 2 sets? That's movie merchandising for you!)

PS- If you are in the Osaka/Kansai area, drop me a PM, we can get together and I can teach you how to play!

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It was a labor of love!

Love of Macross, Love of TCG's, and Love of getting my butt out of the house once in awhile!

I have a family, so my funds and time are some what constrained, but I was looking for new hobby when the game came out.

I have started building the Bandai VF-25 plastic models, which is great when my insomnia kicks in, but this lets me get out and get face to face with other otaku.

But I have come to realize that I am only 1/2 otaku- these tcg guys go nuts.

I'm slowly building a rep here in Osaka card shops.

Of course that rep is 'the white guy who shows up and get his butt kicked all the time' :lol:

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wow, thats pretty impressive!

I grabbed a starter set back when they came out but am not much of a card game fan. Got them more as a Macross collectible.

(Need to get me some of the posters that are up in most card shops for it)

But its great that others can now understand the game too!


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Hebime, do you have any plans to edit the cards so that they have English text on them? It would definitely make it easier if we could print them out and have the text right on them.

And have you heard of a program called GCCG? Its a small program that lets you play certain card games for free online against other players. I currently use it to play the Lord of the rings ccg that came out years ago. It might be worth a shot contacting the creators and seeing if they would be interested in adding Macross as one of the card games. The only things is you would need the cards to be translated.

Here is the website for the program. GCCG

They might not be interested since the game is not very popular outside Japan, but you never know.

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Thanks for this.

I have just rediscovered Macross from my childhood (Robotech) and after watching the original series am going through the newer stuff now.

I have played a lot of Magic but have a family so play very rarely.

This would make a great collectible. Kicking myself because I was in Japan earlier last year and walked past a million anime/manga shops without going inside. I did go into a few game shops (like yellow submarine) but only looked at magic accessories.

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No worries Andyroo!

If you play Magic the Gathering you already know most of the rules for Crusade!

Bandai stole most of the rules for Gundam War from Magic, and Crusade is just a slightly tweaked Gundam War.

I did kind of get out of set translations because I am capable of just reading the cards just fine, but would be happy to try to help if you (or anybody else) was interested in finding out more. Have investigated various methods of trying to play online, but most require so much specialized coding and that's not something I am really able to do. Have played a few games over skype, but the dame camera image is so small. But I have seen some of the newer webcams that appear to have a much bigger field of view, so maybe that could be possible...

Anyway, post any questions here, or drop me a pm!

Embarrassingly I didn't check the post date.

Sorry to necro this old thread.

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Thanks for the guide! I bought a box of the expansion pack (Vol. 7) out of curiosity, as Macross Crusade didn't come into my radar until recently. One of the card I got was a purple card, I wonder what it's for? It's a C-015 Command card with Aisha on it. It says something about returning all enemy during the deployment phase (I can only read some Kanji and some katagana).

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I've followed news on MW for a while buy just joined the forums today.

I just purchased the following:

1x Macross Crusade Vol.2 -Triumph of Sky and Blaze- Booster Box (15 Packs x 10 Cards) by Bandai

2x Macross Crusade pre-built deck set [MC-S1]

1x Macross Crusade 3rd -Rondo of horror- Booster Box (15 Packs x 10 Cards)

1x Macross Crusade setup starter

I downloaded a copy of the English translation of the rule book above but the card translation links do not work as of this moment. Does anyone have a copy of the cards that have been translated? My Japanese is horrible but I can translate the cards with enough effort but if they are already done it will save a great deal of time.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: seems that much content from the site is blocked because of malicious ads, I've managed to get to the site.

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