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  1. Just got back from my showing and had such a great time. It wasn't a terrible excited crowd, but it was a pretty big turnout based on what everyone else had. I think we had 50+ people. Just the idea that we got to watch Macross in theaters is still amazing to me. I really liked the new subtitles. For the folks who had weird glitches I feel for you. The last Fathom event I went to (also my first) was the Transformers 1986 movie and they started 10 mins late. And when it started, it just picked up 10 mins into the movie, as if it had started on time. Oh and we had no audio for the next 30 mins. So we were fully 45 mins into the movie with no sound before they figured it out and rewinded back to the beginning (almost, they stopped at minute 2 or 3. but at this point we were just happy to get what we could get).
  2. One more day! This is so exciting. My local theater was 25% booked a week or so ago when I bought mine which falls in line with what I expected. How does everyone feel about the 6:30 Fathom Events Preshow? It'd be great to see the Shoji message or maybe some kind of announcement but its a little tight schedule wise. The Fathom site still shows 7pm movie starting and I only see it announced on the official Twitter so I wonder if a lot of fans will miss it.
  3. I'm also of the mindset that the WWM move makes this guy much more plausible. I've always viewed Macross Plus as one of the more popular ones here in the US esp. since it was actually officially available in the 90's. Anyone think that this might be part of the secret message during the Movie screening? I really hope this guy gets made - its one of my favorite designs.
  4. This fighter looks great. I've picked and sold various anniversary Valks over the years - but I feel like this one is a must pick up and keep. I mean, this is more of a celebration Valk. And agreed - YF-29 Max is a must pick up as well.
  5. I think between the Shadow Fighter / Drones, Sue Graham or the Tread - I'm definitely the most excited about the Treads. But I would buy all of it. I've loved all the Sentinel Mospeada stuff so far but now that they're releasing Houquet they've earned enough goodwill they can pretty much make whatever they want.
  6. Thanks for all the links. And here comes the preorder... Agreed that the headsculpt looks a little off. A slight change would be nice - but heck, its definitely not going to turn me away. Whats strange is that the helmeted face sculpt looksa little different and better to me, but it could just be the angle.
  7. I actually just recently got into the mainline Transformers after just picking up the occasional Masterpiece and a huge part of my collection has been Titans Return and the WFC titan masters. So needless to say theres been plenty of pain paying aftermarket prices for alot of those same figures. I actually just got Legends version of Twin Twist, Topspin and Windblade. Awesome figures but yeah, definitely quite the markup these days. I'm excited about the new combiners - totally missed the Combiner Wars versions and I probably would just want them in their G1 configurations anyways so not going to miss the interchangable parts. If they can commit to the full line and pace it out to 1 full Combiner a year I could see myself picking up all the major ones.
  8. Thanks for the news! This made my day... I'm sure I'm not the only one.. but I feel like I've been waiting forever to be able to have a set of the main 4 Ride Armors.
  9. That.. looks... amazing. Can't wait! Any details or further info?
  10. I just got my payment notice for these guys. So excited. I have fond memories of picking up the originals at some fancy toy store in the Ginza District on a childhood trip to Japan back when I barely knew what Macross was - just that these guys looked like the Robotech ships. And agreed - that build up looks amazing. I'll be impressed if I can put on the stickers properly.
  11. Just got mine today. Ordered from Amiami and was originally set for Monday but I guess I got lucky. The toy looks amazing and so far I'm loving it. I waited on the Blue until I read some reviews but of course that was too late and now I'm just waiting for that reissue. Tolerances seem really tight. Vertical stabilizer fell off the first time I tried to deploy them and I don't think I can deploy them just by pulling the little piece of plastic at the edge. Wing stabilizers seem to do nothing but fall off (flashbacks to Yamato VF-4 Missiles). Transforming it has been about as stressful as the first time transforming a new Macross toy. I also always remembered Houquet's armor as red. The color of the mini figure included with this guy is definitely too neon pink, but I'd still buy it.
  12. Top 1. Yamato/Arcadia VF-4 - Well executed toy and one of my favorite Valkyrie Designs. 2. Yamato VF-19F/S - Very solid and great bold colors. 3. Bandai VF-25 Renewals - I just love the detail and presence they have when equipped with their Armor/Super Packs. Least 1. Evolution Toys VF-2SS - Extra disappointing because I love the mecha design so much. 2. Bandai VF-171 - Not sure what it is, but I just didn't get excited when I received mine. 3. Yamato 1/72 Macross Plus line - Don't get me wrong - I still have mine for sentimental purposes, but they sure are rough.
  13. Can't Wait! Preordered from AmiAmi. I'm just glad its not the same experience as the Bandai Valkyries...
  14. I think at the end of the day, this should be a fun hobby. It should not be a chore. If it brings anxiety or pain to buy some toys (or watch some cartoons for that matter) then it sounds like it really isn't worth it. I love collecting figures and misc. collectibles still but agree that it does go through peaks and valleys.
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