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saint seiya cloth myth


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i have a lot of saint seiya vintages but i decided do a step forward and start to buy a cloth myth with pegasus god but i have a question this have a body generation 3 so i like to known if this figure is compatible with armor of previous figures?

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I strongly recommend that you look for a Pegasus V3 (Final Form) that is becoming a very difficult to find figure, so in a few months the price will go up through the roof.

The pegasus V4 (God Cloth) is newer and therefore easier to achieve long-term

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For me, Pegasus God Cloth is one of the top three figures in 2008, with Scylla and Thanatos. It was a great choice!

Do you have plans to continue with another figure?

If you want to drool a bit, take a look at my collection by clicking on the phrase below :lol:

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I would recommend picking up the upcoming Surplice Capricorn Shura, Surplice Aquarius Camus, and Surplice Gemini Saga. They look incredibly badass, and damn they got the dark colors down good. In addition, you may or may not be able to put the old gold cloths on the new figures. In any case, Shura and Camus will definitely look fantastic compared to the old Myth Cloth sculpts of their heads. :D

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thanks i just bought zeta today and the next in my list is betwen thanatos and alpha but i dont know wich is better option


Alpha is my baby :lol: Oh yes i love it as my little baby

For me, the best Asgardian at the moment, followed by Fenrir and his wolf hehehe

But Thanatos is an impressive one, and next to your Pegasus will make a good couple

Mate You have a problem :lol: I recommend you to buy Alpha (2006) for the same reason that I recommend you Pegasus V3


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I bought it at LocusHK.com, they hasn´t best prices, but they offer the best of the best in dealing with clients(replies to messages the same day) and every Myth Cloth comes with HK Metal Plates

Angolz.com have good offers too

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just out of interest Alfye, did u replace any of the armour on camus, or just the head? i replaced a lotm of Leos armour and it looks light years better, but left Geminis in peace. I THINK i changed Aries, but dont remember.

With Camus Appendix Bandai has done a step back :angry:

Leo, Aries and Scorpio appendix allow us to swap all new parts over old myth, but with Aquarius we only can change the heads & hands.

Soulders too, but only to recreate an unfortunate Aurora Execution...


Only with head swaping Myth:


Garou Kuroryuu, Premium Saori Myth is the sortest figure of all line, about 14cm or less... When you watch Saori, you only notice a beautiful head and a gorgeous breasts:


valhary, your Seiya Custom looks very good, now you only need the head of Pegasus God Cloth Original Color Edition to get a Perfect Manga Ver. But prepares more than 130$us :lol:

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except that if u use the god cloth head u cant put the V3 headdress on Seiya. The attachmentsd are different, even if u use the oen that came with the Apendix.

no big loss with Aquarius armour; the one that came out is pretty spot on anyway.

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Got Athena and the 2 appenmdixes today!

Aquarius Appendix is great, and really improves the figure 10 fold. It now stands with leo 9with his Appendix) as one of the best of the gold Saints. Scorpio isnt to bad, but doesnt have quite the huge impact for me that Aquarius had. While the old Scorpio head wasnt great, it wasn't quite as bad as the Aquarius one.

Athena looks awesome. The throne is great, and when her gold ornaments are snapped on and she is posed she can be posed very regally. The other bts she comes with are all nicely executed, though i dont really wan to put her in the jar that drains her blood. it IS sort of cool taht u can put the whole figure inside though.

Overall, Im very happy with my buys.

And in upcomign news: Pegasus Tenma is on the way, with a Prototype shown at a Japanese Hobby show recently! Looks awesome too! hopefully this means we may see soem of the original armour Bronze saints, and mayeb some of the younger Gold saints.

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Tamashii Nations 2009 event


God Cloth Andromeda Shun


Polaris Hilda


Asgard Gamma Thor


Asgard Delta Megrez Alberich (release date: Jun)

more pics (click to enlarge)

063c.th.jpg stamashii22.th.jpg tamashii23.th.jpg tamashii20.th.jpg





God Cloth Andromeda Shun - facial expression need improvement. face guard too far away from his face. color is nice. very excited about this release and seems he is the most ready out of the 3 new prototypes.

Polaris Hilda - still too early to comment. neck seems unnaturally long. hopefully she comes with parts for the "Normal" and "Evil" options. perhaps even a horse for her?? :p What about her sister Freya, please?

Asgard Gamma Thor - Looks Awesome!!! very very imposing figure, definitely taller than Taurus by quite a bit!! You can roughly gauge his height by comparing the size of the little tag. One of the blogs mentioned a rough estimate that the figure is approx 30cm in height!! Normal Myth cloth figures are only 15-16cm tall. It's great that they didn't just use the Taurus body for Thor. Broad shoulders, tall figure and yet slender body is just like how he looks in the anime. The axes are way too small though, Bandai don't mess this up with the tiny axes please.

Asgard Delta Megrez Alberich - OMG, the asgard god warriors are jinxed. most of the god warriors' face sculpts are fat and horrible, and Alberich is the new ugly. I still believe there are at least 2 (groups of) sculptors and one of them is responsible for the uglies. Fat faces are a good clue. Other than the face, the armor is very plain without any decorations or markings, and don't cover much of the figure, feels very lacking. the sword kinda makes up for a bit, but really, this is very disappointing to me.

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