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Fanimecon 07

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Anyone attending memorial day weekend?

As part of their concert series, they're having Mari perform on sunday. According to Rob Miles, she's singing with a full band and not just a keyboard. It's been planned for some time.

As part of the 25th year, my friend and I are going in costume. He's going as Roy, and I'm going as Max. My other friend has a Hikaru costume, but might not make it. We might be able to get other cosplayers as well. :ph34r:

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They allowed photography, just no flash. I didn't see anyone with a video camera tho. There were only about 150 people in the room she was performing in about 20 minutes after she started. I'll post a couple pics (not really too great due to apefaces not moving so I could get closer) if anyone wants me to.

Overall, the whole con was pretty cool and we registered for next year today before we left.

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I had wished I had gone on Sunday to check her out, but my friends wanted to go on Saturday. Biggest waste of $30 I have spent. I can't believe the wait in line (3 hours!!!) just to get a one day pass to get in that day! What's up with that?!?!?! Registration takes way too long. I think I'll pass on next year unless there's something or someone that's really worth going to see. Most of the dealers were overpriced. Most things can still be bought for less on eBay. The anime show rooms weren't showing anything that great either. Alot of hot babes though! B))

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I was there, as stated. We were a little late since my other friend waited until the absolute last minute to drop the costumes off. We'd even gave up on him until he called two hours prior to it (in his rush, he reversed the colors on my Max costume, it looks okay, but will be corrected once it's tailored for a better fit).

I was a tad disappointed that it wasn't the full band Rob Miles assured me it would be (as late as Tales of Anime in April). Something must've fell through.

I got some decent pics on my other friend's camera (which is all in his possession, so I can't post them). I got video of about half of "Broken Computer" until a guy caught me (I was unaware). I did, however, sneak video of her explanation of her relationship with Minmay, as well as about a minute of "Do You Remember Love", then the card filled up.

It was great being there in costume. I wasn't wearing my glasses at the time due to Max's shades, but my friend said Mari seemed to cast us an "oh, God" look when she caught sight of us. I noticed that she seemed to be looking straight at us whenever she looked in our direction during "DYRL". Speaking of which, hearing it performed live which in costume really hit home like I hoped it would. So all in all, it was a great time.

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