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  1. Unless meteors or space aliens invade in the next few weeks, I should be good for this one.
  2. San Jose. Depends on the date and place for the most part.
  3. Oh lord, I have performed a thread necro, but for maybe a good reason. I've begun playing this again a bit in my spare time, and so I'm making a full playthrough video of the game as I go through it. Probably a very boring playthrough, but for those who simply want the story bits, I suppose it fits the mark. Currently, only the first mission and the briefing for the second are up, but the rest will follow in good time. As for why the second mission gameplay isn't up yet... No idea. Having some complications uploading right now, so I'll try again later.
  4. >_> All things considered, Frontier's CGI isn't all that bad. I mean, it could be worse. Look at the SRWOG: Divine Wars anime. The CGI on that doesn't even look half as good as Zoids, IMO.
  5. Torii

    PS2 Macross

    I would think Grade and then Score would be it. I mean, I haven't played the game for a while(2 years about), but doesn't your grade go down in cases where the objective is to defend the Macross (or some other thing) but you let it take obscene amounts of damage? Personally, I find the best way to get S-ranks on a lot of the stages is simply to kill everything that moves before it can get anywhere near the objective, if its a "Defend X" mission. Otherwise, try not to get hit and pretty much rush everything that moves like there's no tomorrow.
  6. Personally, I think probably the best fansubbed versions we have at the moment would have to be either Shinsen or SA, the latter providing overall good subs as well as a high-res picture.
  7. The animation looked amazing. I was rather happy to see the VF-17 horizontally thrust vectoring in one scene, though I'm kinda sad and confused that they used the VF-17 for the new cannon fodder machine, since weren't VF-11s in larger mass-production? And what about the VF-19? But yeah, Seiyan's sub was lulzworthy at some parts. lol @ them translating VF-25 as Brief 25. XD
  8. GameFAQs has the requirements for unlocking VFs, IIRC. Check there first just in case.
  9. I'm considering doing a playthrough video of VFX-2 when I have the time, if I can manage to actually finish the last stage on Maniac this time. XD Only downside is that I won't be able to show the ending due to freezing issues... >_>
  10. A quick thing, I noticed. Pheyos/Feios(whatever floats your boat) Valkyrie article has Aegis, Syun, and Suzie are put as the pilots... Except, they don't ever touch the machine.
  11. Maybe try a longer/larger gunpod with some additional shielding for the arms?
  12. Yannow, I always thought short-range folds would've been cool to see in combat, though one of the larger problems I can think of is plotting the coordinates quickly without leaving it to an AI to randomize.
  13. The bio-neural chip used in the Ghost X-9's AI systems is banned, thus the use of it made the development of the Ghost X-9 illegal in turn. Also, in Isamu's case, he has more or less two witnesses, Yang and Myung, the former of which found out that Sharon was controlling the rogue Ghost X-9 prior to mind control and the latter aware that Sharon was mind-controlling people. Also, investigation on Sharon would have given them enough leverage to see that something went down, since they have testimony from three people as well as material evidence from both the Ghost X-9 and Sharon's remains. Also, Millard probably wouldn't even know what Sharon was going to do, as he has little information pointing to it. He knew one thing though, that Isamu was going to destroy the Ghost X-9. When he said he'd cover him, its because he understands what Isamu's going through, because at one point, he was in Isamu's shoes too. That he probably didn't like the idea of the Ghost X-9 might also help that too.
  14. I dunno, I recall from the scene where they were testing the Ghost X-9 having the unmanned without head lasers, so that's why I brought it up.
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