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Get paid for your mecha art!

Roy Focker

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R. Talsorian Games is a roleplaying publisher that is known for many games. One of them is Mekton. A Japanese mecha inspired game. The owner posted this on a their mailing list. I know there's a lot of talent amature and professional artist here. Here's a chance to get you Mecha art published.

From the Mekton Zeta Mailing List

Think you can draw a better mecha than Yuji Kaida? Here's your chance! As

part of an upcoming Mekton project, we're looking for artists who can render

clean, ink or CGI mecha. Being able to render anime-styled characters is

also a plus. Here's a few more things to help you triangulate:

1) We need artists who can draw mecha that are not traced copies of existing

mecha from other shows. So if your skills are limited to tracing, you may

want to branch out a bit. We're also looking for a somewhat realistic style,

so if you favor sentai shows or Voltron, you may want to modify your sights

towards Gundam (all types), Layzner, Macross, Eureka 7 or other "real robot"

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealRobot shows.

2) Since this project will involve coordinating many different types of

development teams, artists will need to be capable of taking direction from

us for style and designs. If you are the type who has to "do it my way," you

probably won't enjoy this kind of gig. But if you're interested in creating

mecha that can work within a variety of formats, including CGI, sculpture

and animation and are willing to take direction to make these diverse media

work with your designs, this may be the kind of project you'll enjoy.

3) There will be More Than One. The project we are working on will involve

more than one artist and/or type of artist. So you will be working with a

team, with others rendering designs that you may have originated. Like

Marvel artists, you will be one of the many who have drawn Spiderman, not

the creator of the Webslinger. While we will do our best to give credit

where credit is due, in the final analysis, this project will have a lot of

synthesis, so be prepared to not be a One Man Show.

Interested? Then send us at least two clean, b/w images of people and mecha

that you have done. You can deliver them to us via the net (address is on

the talsorian website), send us a link to a portfolio page, or send them via

snail mail to our address (on the back of any of our more recent books.

We'll look them over and if they fit what we're looking for, we'll move you

to the next step.

Good Luck!

Mike Pondsmith

R.Talsorian Group

Website Contact Page:


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Do any of our other members know more about this company, whether if it's legit?

How do they deal with copyright, or once submitted, with they own all the rights on our artwork?

Sounds interesting...maybe I'll send a sample to them...though I haven't illustrated anything in more than half a decade.

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I roleplayed Mekton Zeta for a few years about a decade ago...even attempted to half-ass convert it to Macross, but found it easier to go with a Gundam-style game instead. Sounds like R. Talsorian is gearing up to publish an all new MZ? Is that what I'm reading?

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That's awesome! I can even remember back to when my roleplaying group got ahold of Mekton II and Roadstriker. The humor written into the skill descriptions alone was worth the purchase price for these RPG books. One in particular that I remember is "James T. Kirk from Star Trek has a Leadership of +11...but you never will!" Classic!

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