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1/1 Scale Vf (my Greatest Masterpiece Yet...)

wm cheng

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Ha Ha! If you come up with a method to avoid that overspray you'll have to post it. Several of the guys here would like to learn that technique I'm sure! :lol:

Congrats to you and your ever increasing family Brian.

Man some of you guys on this board have been busy! ;)

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p.s. I've already been caught with overspray a few times - and I don't mean with an airbrush! ;-)


I don't know what kind of overspray problem your kit has. I guess you can't be cheap with masking tape (diaper). Change it often. I have other overspray problem with my 1st kit (boy). The kit tended to fire its weapon as soon as the masking tape is removed. What I've learned is to just loosen up the masking tape slightly, wait a few second before opening the masking tape completely. :lol:

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John and Linda at SSM just mailed me a little "My Daddy is a Starship Modeler" onesie. Absolutely adorable. I love advertising that Dad is a nerd when I take my kid out.


LOL I saw one that said my dad is a computer geek. also one that said I want to be a Jedi when I grow up.

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*claps hands*

Just make sure to feed it, and when it's old enough start customizing it properly with lots of Macross toys (you might want to start buying up matchbox robotech on ebay now) ...


100% Pure Macross or nothing... B))

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