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Zero VF-0S


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Hello guys , I'm a new comer here with my latest finished bird. I will first thank wm cheng 's VF-0S post here ,I got a lot of help and good idea from his post:)

As u can see it is heavily weathered because I want to build a little different VF0, like those aircrafts which being on carrier for years . Hope u enjoy it ^_^


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I think that VFs should be dirty. This isn't a normal modern jet fighter. They roll on the ground, dig their engines into earth kicking up dirt, dive into the sea, ect. Neither does dirt affect them as much as other fighters. They aredesigned to be extremely tolerent of all environments. A bit of dirt here and there won't really do much.

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The post "how to build" on my bbs


It is writen by chinese...

u may have some link problem because my forum sever is in china ,we have a tomcat fun site in china called "www.tomcat521.com" and we love macross too.

Is my english a little poor,oh,forget it, I'm working on eng lv 4 test -_-!

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Welcome to the boards!! :D

Excellent model - fantastic weathering!

Keep up the great work and keep posting your gems!

Don't forget to share your ideas & tips.

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