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  1. She's hot, do you have a gallery of your other work?
  2. How is Vader a Nazie stereo type? Physically, he was the furthest thing from an aryan. He didn't have any sense of loyalty to his home Tatoine (Like Hitler did for the"Fatherland"). In fact, he had his own stormtroopers lay seige to many parts of it. He didn't care if everyone looked like him or not. He was just pissed off because he beleived the bureacracy of the Jedi council led to his mommy's death. Sure, he wiped out the Jedi, but I don't think it was on the basis of racism. I'm guessing it was because "the way of the Jedi" frowns upon revenge. Nazis were villans to be sure, but not every villan is a Nazi.
  3. Bud Hunter....SDF-6.....If those pics had come from one of the robocrap defenders here on this forum, I'd totally beleive that it was the brilliant work of HG.
  4. Have you seen those loser trekkies talking Klingon? It sends chills up my spine watching them.....
  5. http://www.thegate.ca/news/comments.php?id=585_0_1_0_C Is this old news? More BS or is it real?
  6. Thats not nearly as bad as the dress he wore in M7. Oh come on Agent One, it is not the clothes, is the attitude, Max there is almost giggling... A real man can wear anything and keep being very macho! if it is worn with the right attitude No man should wear short-shorts
  7. I noticed the anger on several occasions, and it wasn't only directed at me, but several other members. This led me to beleive that I was probably debating with a chilld, or maybe someone not in total control of his/her emotions. He's really angry. And the comment about a sequel to Southern Cross? 1st border devil, you're just kidding about that as well right? You don't actually like Southern Cross AND Robotech do you?
  8. ::sighs:: You don't get it. Sigh? Oh, don't lose any sleep over me. I'll wake up one day and realize that I was wrong to doubt you, and say "hey, Robotech is pretty cool actually, why didn't I realize it earlier?" In fact, I think I will sign your petition. Haha, just joking...just like your signature, right? You don't really like Robotech do you?
  9. I liked Macross a whole lot better when it was just airplanes that could transform into robots that fought giant aliens no bigger than a 3 storey building.
  10. That may be partially true, but a large part of the change in character design was because HG and Tatsunuko wanted to make sure no one thought The Sentinels was a Macross sequel. That's why the Japanese production team had nicknames for all the returning Macross Saga characters and Breetai's helemet was changed, so that it wasn't leaked that a Macross sequel was in production. Get over yourself. No one in Japan knows or cares about Harmony Gold. Or Macross for that matter given how popular and successful it is of late. I just thought it was funny that he was barking at Knight26 earlier, because in reality, HG is considering marketing this monstrosity in Japan as a sequel to Mospeada. Seeing as how both Macross and Mospeada are soaring with popularity over in Japan, virtually ready to knock Gundam off it's mighty high-horse (can you tell this is sarcasm?), I'm sure that a sequel produced by HG will do well.
  11. Well f*ck you too Me.....and everyone in Japan as well?......so angry.
  12. Ya know... I actually talk to the people at HG..... I feel sorry for you....actualy, no I don't. Me and everyone in Japan laughs at you and Harmony Gold.
  13. Did it ever occur to you, brainiac, that Harmony Gold is planning on selling this in Japan as a sequel to Mospeada? Are you for real?
  14. Where in the f*ck do you see the Tougu-gun (sp?) symbol in that? Its the Mospeada Mars Division triangle thats the basis for this, not the UN Spacy logo. Really Keith, I realise you don't like HG and despise Robotech, but your argument is nonsense. Maybe here? Hopefully this tiny file attachment will work. I just cut out one of the logos and flipped it over, that symbol is three macross kite symbols plain as day. Wow, plain as day obvious... That is so pathetic. RT fans whould hang their heads in shame. I can't beleive there are any RT fans at all in this day and age.....figured they would have all been converted by now, or at least awaken from their nightmares.
  15. If this new robotech thing is pornographic, I might watch it.
  16. You've got a really good point here. I don't know jack-squat about guns or even firing them, but don't snipers sometimes use bipods for more stability? It's not often I've seen or heard of a sniper supporting the entire weight of the gun with his arms while firing....so isnt' that actually reducing the # of axis of rotation?
  17. I just watched them all back to back and in the end, just as i said before, I'm happy with the whole thing. It was too bad that it only went for 5 episodes. I would have liked more. I don't know how Macross 7, Robotech and Macross II got dragged into this conversation, but it's kind of funny what responses those names elicit. A list of Macross related video, starting at the top with what I liked most: 1. Maross DYRL (For the much improved animation over the TV series and the cooler Valks...I'm a sucker for the VF-1 series). 2. Macross Zero (for the awesome animation) 3. Macross Plus (should really be tied with #2) 4. Macross tv series (used to be #2 till I saw Plus and Zero) 5. Macross II (wasn't all that bad..way better than #6) 6. Macross 7 (really doesn't belong on this list at all, but even still, light years better than item # 7) 7. Robocrap (actually, not bad at all when watched with the volume muted...in which case bumps ahead of #6....Macross 7...blech!) 8. Macross Trash (never saw it)
  18. Yeah, I just finished watching it again and I liked it. I don't know why there's so many people angry with it. The dogfights were incredible, I don't care if they're realistic or not. The whole thing with the thrust-vectoring nozzles was so cool. I wonder why that bit of animation was never addressed in Macross TV series or DYRL, as I'm sure the VF-1 series was cabable of it..... Another nice touch was the monster...I know, some people are crying about the claws....but aside from that, what was really cool was the cannons firing consecutively, rather tha all at once. Nice sound effects as well. Anyway, awesome. I hope froating head doesn't end the Macross franchise here....
  19. Does the 86 look like a 4X4 in the anime also?
  20. Has he lost his mind? Let me guess, Will Smith is going to play Kaneda.
  21. Hey Graham, are you going to combine stuff from MWAT or leave that seperate?
  22. Hey Mappy, you're in Shinjuku? I'm in Japan ever month, just got back last week. I'll be hanging around Shijuku mid October (probably 14Oct - 18 Oct), want to meet up?
  23. I took that picture when I was in Nagaoko, Niigata prefecture....this tiny little hobby shop near the station. It was covered in dust and totally neglected....sad.
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