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  1. I know this would have been unlikely (this is a clear demonstration of how I don't understand the film industry), but would have been cool if they filmed two versions simultaneously, an actual English version and a Japanese version with Japanese speaking actors (lots of talented non Japanese who ca. Speak Japanese fluently). 

    One cut films the English version, stop, swap out actors for he same scene in Japanese. 


    Lol, yeah, I know, probably a logistical nightmare. 


    Dubbed movies have always been a distraction for me, takes me right out of the film. 




  2. 4 hours ago, CrossAir said:

    I did it again - though I wrote somewhere back in this thread I would not repaint a DX ever again. But I couldn’t stand the look of my poor yellowed YF-25 and felt I had to do something about it. Use of peroxide was no option. Good thing I had already knowledge concerning disassembly and scratch sensitive parts.

    The color scheme was an easy choice: VF-31A Kairos. It took me a couple of weeks as I did not have much free time for modeling but finally it’s done:

    YF-25 Xaos Gamma Flight 01

    Before repaint (in reality the white parts are much more yellowed than in the picture and on the lower side, too)


    And after:








    VF-31A and YF25 in comparison:


    OK, I don't remember much of Mac F and don't know a thing about Mac D, but the repaint looks way better than the original paint scheme.

  3. 3 hours ago, Hikaru Ichijo SL said:

    I will give it a whirl in Japanese.  I liked the original Spike voice actor.

    Think there will be a Japanese language dub available for North American Netflix?  Would be interesting.  

    Observation:  Spike seems to smile more in the anime.  I could be wrong.

  4. 1 hour ago, eggy99 said:

    Unless you're shipping to Australia, in which case Amazon JP no longer ship to Australia thanks to our government requesting foreign online stores to collect GST and report back to AU Tax Office about all sales to Australia so the ATO can collect that tax. Amazon JP don't want to deal with that rubbish so Aussie collectors are unable to buy from Amazon JP easily - you can still buy, but the items must be shipped to a shipping forwarder or a friend in Japan - No Amazon discounts that can be taken advantage of in majority of cases. 😢

    Oh, that sounds lame. 

    Looks like a lot of sellers simply won't ship to Canada, but once in a blue moon, someone pops up.

  5. 1 hour ago, no3Ljm said:

    I wasn't into modding... yet. But I'm guessing we can replace the joints with something more sturdier or strengthen it somehow? But yeah, with years of building Gundam kits OOB, I believe Hasegawa's is more of a display kit. You plan ahead what the pose is going to be and have it build that way.


    I ended using CA glue to reattach the peg back to the shoulder, but I don't even want to touch my 1/72 much (yeah, I know, I went too gray on the paint). IMG_20211027_140338.jpg.2ecc8bd3c513e07b53a4837204419b73.jpgIMG_20211027_140540.jpg.b7879804a4e21423c8c5af60e73d65d6.jpg

  6. 51 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I built one OOB just to test it out years ago. And yes, it's bad enough that it can't support the weight of the kit. Mine is a Strike VF-1S. :( 

    I built a plain 1S and after posing it a few times, the shoulder broke and the hip broke.  

    For my next battroid, I'm just going to build, pose once and leave it alone on the shelf.

    For multiple poses, I guess I'll just stick to my toys


  7. 40 minutes ago, pengbuzz said:

    :lol: it's all good bro; it's a survival skill I picked up when I realized how much it would cost me to try lighting mine.

    My process:

    1597041439_TMPEnterpriseproject.jpg.a6b8a27b1886bca673f22ed45236df69.jpg 1408193515_TMPEnterpriseproject4jpg.jpg.84c10a96882c378c011bdc44dc673fc8.jpg 1363101878_TMPEnterpriseproject7.jpg.890596f2024d4858065e03f1cce0b209.jpg


    Looks like a screenshot from the film, wow!  Hope you don't mind, I posted your touched up photos to IG and FB, with credit to you.


  8. 56 minutes ago, TangledThorns said:

    OK... so who do you think they'll cast as the EMPEROR or Feyd in part 2?

    I bet they'll cast someone non-white for the Emperor but not in a woke sense. Obviously an older actor so Laurence Fishburne or Idris Elba would be my top guesses.

    Feyd could be any pretty boy but he would have to be someone well known and who can pull off a villain too. Honestly can't think of one right now, maybe Fionn Whitehead?


    I think they should get Sting back to reprise his role.....fog shower scene and everything.  🤣

  9. 3 hours ago, electric indigo said:

    It's from "Gantz", and that's pretty much all I know.

    Looking forward to see your M+ bike.


    Siren has the full set of armor now, I just need to do some touch ups on the shield.



    I still haven't gotten around to watching this series yet, but that looks fantastic!


  10. 21 minutes ago, mikeszekely said:

    I mean, until I'd watched Dune last night I was totally unfamiliar.  Never say the '84 movie, never saw the Sci-Fi miniseries, never read the books.  I might be the minority, but I'm probably not the only one.

    Ok that makes sense.  Spoiler tags for a while longer then.

    I know they changed a few things from the 1984 version, but I'll see for myself whenever I get around to seeing this remake.

  11. 4 hours ago, Thom said:

    I zoomed and I REGERET NOTHING!! Outstanding looking Excel!

    Oh man, the pics didn't look so bad from my cell phone, but I'm looking at the pics on a larger computer screen (which is bigger than the model itself) and I missed SO MUCH STUFF....yikes, the overlapping decals, a lot of paint runs (capillary run from the panel liner under the decals).

    It doesn't look nearly as bad when viewed in person.....from a meter a way, lol!


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