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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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    Hi-Metal R

    I find the Glaug fairly easy to find, but the Regults (especially the missile Regults) are waaaaaay tougher to get in a decent price range. A single Regult going from $160-$300+ is crazy- and the missile set going for $400 or more is nuts.
  2. I thought about getting into RC planes for a bit but then I saw the $$ suck on that and decided I wanted to get my kids in college eventually.
  3. The tree thing sounds like one of those old funny insurance claims: " The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him. "
  4. Yeah- have the glaug and regult too (but not the missile regults because by the time I spotted them the prices were obscene). I've talked myself out of this over and over on a space available issue but these stands are amking me go "Maybe I can make some more space".
  5. Yep- got all the destroids (and waiting patiently for a Tomahawk and Phalanx to have my Monster fire over). I finally said "frakk it" and ordered a HMR Super Ostrich, since that's one of the schemes I don't have in any scale yet and the fact that the VF-1D was essentially the same price and didn't come with the fast packs sold me to grab this one first. Now I'm hoping not to start buying a ton and needing to put another shelf up in "Auxiliary Control".
  6. I just want my 1A Max to show up so I can play with it and *then* get excited about future releases. Shipping says "anyday now".
  7. You are not making it any easier for me to ignore the HMR valks.
  8. I had absolutely no idea, but as a fellow game collector, now I have to track these down (as well as the Tsukuda Mospeada game I see they did when I started digging in a bit).
  9. That's me too. I keep telling my wife that all my Kickstarter and preorder crap is all getting knocked back and will probably all come at the same time.
  10. Not sure, but every time I see that pict I want to start buying up HMR valks and stands. I keep telling myself I don't have room to buy another scale (beyond the HMR destroids). But then I keep seeing that VE-1 and tell myself I need it. I almost talked myself into putting my v1 Yammie VE-1 up for sale and switching to these instead. Almost.
  11. The new Battlepod Monster: designed to make Zentraedi feel more at home while being shot up.
  12. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    Everyday there is no news on finishing up the destroid run I get a little more sad.
  13. Thanks. I hate hiding the one under the urban camo GBP, but the color scheme worked well together. This is my older picture- I have these on new shelves and readjusted things for when my DX 1A shows any day now- then I'll take a new pict.
  14. I could never get rid of my babies (two VF-1j stealths and a 25th Anniversary). I love the color scheme too much to part with them.
  15. While I am waiting for my DX VF-1A to show up in the mail, my last purchase that I've received is this little Monster:
  16. I'll always have a soft spot for the VF-1 in all it's forms. But other than that it is the Monster.
  17. I know that I had a similar issue with some old Gundam toys getting sticky and a bit of research showed that it was the chemical additive that made the plastic more "flexible" breaking down and coming out- it actually was accelerated to an extent by the fact that it couldn't easily evaporate away in the packaging, leading to the toys being more sticky than if exposed to the air. I have wondered if the yellowing might be a similar reaction.
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