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  1. I always have impression that CF 0A is more brownish looking than Shin's grey. Hope we get to see it released one day.
  2. Any news for a Michel reissue? It's only VF-25 that I still miss owning
  3. I'm into VF0A CF, count me in!
  4. Anyone know when we can expect a VF-0A cannon fodder version?
  5. Thank ChaoticYeti, you saved my day
  6. Last night I was trying to transform my vf-22 sturmvogel II Max into battroid mode. Before doing so, I found a small part lying inside the tray. I have never transform my VF-22 before, so have no idea where this part came from? Anyone here is able to identify it & where it suppose to belong?
  7. I recommend to place the tips on bare plastic instead of painted areas. Unless your whole valks are painted, otherwise there should be more than sufficient bare areas for you to place the tips on.
  8. I really hope Yamato will reissue the TV version strike parts. I sure need at least 4 sets.
  9. Yamato, surprise us with TV version this year or next. I'm sure you can do it.
  10. I too have the problem of gun pod misalignment of my 2 11C. Not sure if this issue only happens to the 1st release like mine? Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  11. Yes I would get it, but must come with super parts, please! It must be come as regular release, not some exclusive website whatsoever purchase.
  12. I had said to pass this one off but after viewing all the latest pics of the Blazer, finally preorder it!
  13. Looking great! I don't care whether the fast packs will come separate or not later. I just like it naked too. My local dealer should received the stocks next week, i hope.
  14. The Emerald is just on pre-order here but don't intend to get this.
  15. Is it released out yet? Oh yes, a glimpse of Ozuma!
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