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  1. Ah, I think I've seen what you mean. Will try and report back, thanks! Mark
  2. Hi gang, I posted a ton on MWF back in the day, but then I got married. Ahh, the days.. Anyhoo, at a recent con a buddy of mine essentially donated me his Yamato VF-1J Super, Hikaru 1.0 edition. I was happy as I thought I could finally add some FAST packs to the VF-1A CF I had. But upon getting home I unpacked my CF and discovered that the backpack had no insertion points for the additional boosters - which I found pretty weird as the legs and arms had the correct points. So, I'm considering simply swapping out the VF-1J backpack piece for the CF one. Can anyone provide a way to do this without breaking anything? The toys are in pretty decent shape and aren't noticeably brittle, but I'd like to avoid potentially damaging any of them. Helpful thoughts? Mark
  3. The shoulders. No idea how many (some say up to 16, but I dunno if that was ever confirmed in any lineart). Count me as a fan of this one. It's more than a little ananchronistic given that the old F-117 design's stealth shape was largely useless by the late 90s thanks to radar developments, but the shape is just damn cool. Mark
  4. I'll be in Toronto in two weeks for Anime North. Message me with a price, I'll see if I can afford it. Mark
  5. Absolutely brilliant work! And dare I ask if you'll eventually think of modifying the paintjobs on your models? For example, to let us know what you'd think a "production" version of the Macross Quarter would look like, in NUNS service and livery? Mark
  6. Yep, pretty much the same. The control sticks don't even change position IIRC. Mark
  7. I see the emmigration fleets as an organic construct after launching. Each one we've seen has been noticably different than the others; I see this as a combination of how they were built (there obviously are several sources of these fleets) and what has happened to them after launching. Some of these fleets have been in space for decades; it makes sense to modify and add to them as needed (by using the Three Star ships or whatever industrial support they have). Macross 11 probably looked a lot like the Macross 7 fleet when it launched, but over the years they added to themselves as their population grew and their needs changed. Also, Lynn Kaifun would be in his late 60s by 2059, and hadn't been heard of for fifteen years. He may have died naturally by now, or in any case is probably in retirement. Mark
  8. A new Macross Mango? That's pretty cool - Mikimoto sure knows his tropical fruit... Mark
  9. I tend to disagree, mostly going on artistic liberty based on a small drawing of a ship not meant for too much scrutiny. I've no problem believing that each Macross battle section is different, but there should be no problem to assume that there are several of each variant too. With 25+ fleets out there, there is certainly room for both. Mark
  10. They're not too tough to see. In any shot you can see Grace's whole nakedish body, you should be able to see silhouettes of other people floatingin the background. Just watch episode 25 again - and c'mon, don't tell me you need an excuse. Mark
  11. In practice, it's the same reason why we don't have arm-mounted rifles on people either. Mounting the gun pod in the "hand" of the Battroid or Gerwalk modes gives the machine an extra pivot point and ability to shoot at things without needing to orient the whole forearm in the same direction. ALso, if you lose functionality in your right arm, you can always switch your gun pod over to the left - Alto did just that in episode 7. Mark
  12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/31319140@N05/...57608016144402/ Ooh! Any cahnce of a better scan of this one? There's some new mecha views we haven't seen yet in there - including Battle Galaxy! Thanks for the detailed reviews! Mark
  13. I don't get it... Is this a parody? It reads "Sorry... Ranka-chan... Alto..." Mark
  14. Minmay and Sharon and Basara and Mao and Ishtar and Sheryl and Ranka's Ultimate Playlist! Here's your challenge: you're a cheapo record producer in the year 2060 looking to make a quick buck. So, you comb through the archives and create the ultimate "best of" CD combining the best tracks of any entertainer ever in the Macross universe. Here's the catch: A typical record will have 8-12 songs on it, regardless of the capacity of the disk. So your challenge is to pick the best tracks ever to sell the most disks. What will your 8-12 songs be? Don't feel obligated to have something from every Macross series, or representative of the franchise as a whole. Simply create your list of 8-12 songs that you think would be the bestseller "Best of" release of the year. Go nuts! Mark
  15. Ah, but then you have to believe that a CIWS can ACTUALLY shoot down a supersonic missile. Mark
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